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The definitions, the word of bullying vary, but the most appropriate definition refers to it as the repeated intention to hurt someone either physically or emotionally (Gov.UK, 2014). The issue of bullying has been a pervasive problem worldwide. The issue has worsened in the…
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Download file to see previous pages However, bullying has not been constrained to the learning environment since the problem has also spread to workplaces and cyber bullying. This essay will cover the causes and possible solutions of bullying in details.
The causes of bullying vary depending on the age, environment, and the background upbringing of an individual. This implies that the reasons that would influence one to be a bully in the workplace differ from the reasons that influence bullying at school. However, the most cited reason for bullying is personal inadequacy (Booth, Robson & Welham, 2004). In order to fight the inner feeling of emptiness, a bully usually harasses people of weak physical nature in order to achieve high self-esteem. Since the causes of bullying differ depending on the environment, the essay will examine the sources of bullying both in school and at the workplace, separately.
Since students are raised in different backgrounds, psychologists have stated that the family background of a child can influence his/her character in their lifetime (Booth, Robson & Welham, 2004). The environment in which a child is brought up will affect how he/she relates with others as well as himself/herself. The best performing students in academics are usually brought up in stable religious families. Therefore, the parent-child relationship influences the child’s personality. Strained parental relationship has been identified as one of the main causes of bullying (Hurley, 2012). Most bullies lack a warm, affectionate, and caring bondage with their parents. Most of these parents subject their children to high academic expectations, which exert pressure on the students. In order to cope up with the pressure, the students turn to weak students and bully them. Moreover, children whose parents are illiterate, or drug addicts are more likely to become bullies due ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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