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Hiding place - Essay Example

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As she appeared for the hearing Corrie noticed that when hut number 4 was used a row of tulips was planted along the side. She prayed God, that she too be allowed into that hut and to her utmost joy…
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Hiding place
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Download file to see previous pages However, Corrie disagreed about his opinion and told him that “God’s viewpoint is different from us as explained in the bible.” Hearing this Rahms asked her to come back again the next day and sent her back to the prison. This time he asked her about the bible and all that was mentioned in it. Corrie told him about Jesus and the bible. The hearing continued for two more mornings during which the Lieutenant enquired about Corrie’s childhood rather than about underground activities. After the final hearing, he told her the location of Betsie’s cell, who was her sister. He thought that Corrie could see her sister when she passed by corridor F. Realizing her good nature, Rahms also arranged for better living conditions in her prison cell. Later in the middle of June Rahms visited Corrie again and told her that the notary had come for the reading of her father’s will. When she went to his office, she met her family and came to know about her father being buried in the paupers. She also came to know about the Jews who lived at Beje, and that they were all right expect for Mary. According to her father’s will the Beje was to be home for Betsie and Corrie.
Americans introduced baseball to the world which then became the new leisure-time pursuit for many people. However, in Japan baseball received little attention until Horace Wilson taught the principles of the game to his Japanese students. Later the game got high attention and was seen as a means of strengthening conventional virtues. Baseball became a huge part of Japanese culture and in the 1870’s Japanese schools began to systematize the game. The first formal local team, which was called Shimbashi Athletic Club Athletics, was established by Hiroshi Hiraoka in 1883. Even though the game became popular in Japan and people realized that the concept of team sport is suitable to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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