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Production of Robot Model SANR - Term Paper Example

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The paper discussed the product design and presentation to the market fit in a clear objectives path driven by the business opportunity. In terms of the market niche as well as operations factors, the new production line definitions respond to the objectives as explained in this business plan. …
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Production of Robot Model SANR
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Extract of sample "Production of Robot Model SANR"

Download file to see previous pages The firm that is analyzed in the paper is SANR, a European leader in machinery production with an objective of availing cutting-edge solutions to various end user needs for a long time. Opening the new product line within the current capacity not only presents competitive promises of the modern technology standards but also opens unique chances for portfolio diversification. In the initiation of the new product line, the company aims to achieve certain market driven objectives as outlined below.
i) Keep up with the pace of smart technology experienced in modern gadgets while maintaining its work mechanization tradition
ii) Venturing into high-end programmable products
iii) Penetrating exciting market segments
iv) Making relevant technology contributions to business
Over and above its main objectives, the organization has yearly objectives. These are as outlined under:

Aims of SANR in the first year

- Let people know the product
- Establish itself as a reliable business
- Sell at least 15 robots
-Sell at least 6 unites within the first half of the year
- Rest of the year 9 robots

Aims of SANR in the second year

-Sell at least 35 robots
- Upgrade the robot by adding new functions including a house protection system. An alarm, for example.
Aims of SANR in the third year
- increase price per unit to 200,000 Pounds
- open new stores in Dubai & Paris
- Develop new robots in new format
- Sell over 150 units per year
An alarm, for example. Aims of SANR in the third year - increase price per unit to 200,000 Pounds - open new stores in Dubai & Paris - Develop new robots in new format - Sell over 150 units per year The Business Opportunity The unique aspect of the opportunity that the launch of the product is likely to enjoy mainly depends on the excitement created by the various products under the brand SANR Robot. Under the SANR robot brand, the company will present various innovations offering exciting mechanization to seven different end users. The main robot products will include; office personal assistance, massage services, office calls response, hair washing, skincare, cleaning and food and drink service. It therefore follows that the wide spectrum of target markets presents a wide range of business opportunities. According to the initial production, the product launch will target office solutions for personal assistance and call centre solutions, followed by other commercial robot products namely cleaning and beauty. The final launch will include the food and beverage market solutions, with customized use such as by leading food outlets such as the McDonalds on whose recommendation the production segment is hugely dependent. In terms of the opportunity presented by the use of the capacity achieved by SANR in the operations of its machinery production business, the new product faces a better survival chance than when the plant is a new distinct aspect. As an illustration, technical capacity currently available will only require reorganization and deployment with little additions. Alternately, having an established market presence through other various machinery lines that SANR deals in is an added advantage for the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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