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In my opinion, “Ground Zero” and “Crushed Car” by James Nachtwey cannot leave a person untouched by the horror events they describe. Both works of the author are extremely vivid and bright in the way they depict the tragedy that occurred. Both mark the talent and…
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Capturing memorable moments
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Capturing Memorable Moments 2. In my opinion, “Ground Zero” and “Crushed Car” by James Nachtwey cannot leave a person untouched by the horror events they describe. Both works of the author are extremely vivid and bright in the way they depict the tragedy that occurred. Both mark the talent and skillfulness of their creator that communicate to the audience through the given pieces of art.
Although each work strikes, when given the chance to choose which is the most articulate, I will argue that the “Crushing Car” called the bigger range of emotions. It is more powerful in making one to see the whole picture of what was happening at that moment. To my mind, this is due to the fact that while prose presents images and information through the medium of the authors words, photography narrows the distance between the viewer and the object. In this way, the messages and images which a photo contains appear to be more vivid and articulate. Apart from that, the power of an image also lies in the possibility to grasp all its details immediately and see a picture as a whole. In contrast, the nature of the prose requires the details to be uncovered slowly, sentence by sentence. Obviously, this also can be a powerful tool to deliver the general message, however, as for me, this way is less successful in focusing solely on a situation and on the personal emotions which they call, rather than view the situations through the lens of an author.
In a sum, although, each of the given works by Nachwey represent a vivid picture and is likely to produce strong emotional response from the audience, I found “Crushing Car” more articulate. The author managed to capture the moment that reflects the horror and tragedy of the event. As a result, this still image calls the full range of emotions that cannot leave one ignorant.
3. To what extent does visible suffering have more of an emotional impact than invisible suffering?
The essay by Nachtwey raises important questions that reinforce the power of the still image and the power of seeing events rather than listening of imagining them. Visible suffering is to the great extend more striking and is likely to leave a long lasting effect on a person than invisible. In this context, I would argue that vision of the suffering is more powerful than hearing about it or imaging, because the first relates to personal and real experience of a person while the second and the third is about assuming how something occurred.
Furthermore, I doubt that in the process of imagining a situation a person can, in fact, restore the horror that occurred in full. A simple example: everyone hears about the realities of wars or military conflicts that cause terrible injuries to people and take their lives in thousands. However, a person who has never been in the center of such events, would never be able to grasp the feelings of those who were there.
Invisible suffering hints on suffering that did not actually took place as it is invisible. It is implied that it happened in some other dimension, not directly touches upon a person while visible puts a person into the picture, into the center of events and in this way makes those sufferings a part of the life of a person who looks at it. Therefore, it is natural that by seeing a person lets the events to enter his/her life. When entering a picture affects person to the much greater extent. As for me, this can be contrasted as looking at the situation from inside and viewing it from aside. As a whole, mt ideas can be the best summarized by Nactweys words as he says “I did not witness people suffering”, therefore, “I haven’t completely processed this event.” (paragraph 15)
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Nachtwey, James. "Ground Zero." n. page. Print. Read More
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