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Opening: This report is based on a marketing research that was conducted by marketing staff before the launch of the new product line of clothing and bedding for children. The design that was submitted by the graphic designers of the firm was based on the cartoon “Honey…
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Report assignment
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Adopting strategies for making Honey bear more appealing Opening: This report is based on amarketing research that was conducted by marketing staff before the launch of the new product line of clothing and bedding for children. The design that was submitted by the graphic designers of the firm was based on the cartoon “Honey bear”. The cartoon has been a success but still it was essential to ask the target market their opinion about the cartoon, as it would be on the packaging of the new product. The result of the survey conducted will be presented to the Vice president of the marketing department and who will be the primary audience for the report and also to the graphic design department that will be secondary audience for the group.
Body: 76 expectant mothers have been interviewed for this survey. They were asked to describe Honey bear in one word that first come to their mind. 57 of the responded used negative adjectives such as “depressed”, “gloomy”, etc. to describe the honey bear; however only 8 responded positively used the words like “cute”, “appealing”, etc.
The result of the survey clearly indicates that not all the people find Honey bear appealing. It is true that they were considered attracted way back in the 90’s but in modern age there is a need of changing the so called authentic image of the Honey bear. The graphic design department needs to make it more attractive by changing its shape and adding more colors to it or at least changing its position and introducing more poses. When the interviewees were asked that what can be done by the firm to make the honey bear more attractive they suggested to add more colors and add more poses.
Now it is the responsibility of the graphic design department as well as the marketing department to work in collaboration on the design of the honey bear, based on the result that has been extracted from the interviewing the expecting mothers. As the mothers are the target market for the children’s clothing and bedding; therefore their opinion matters a lot as they will also be the potential buyers of the product. The result of the survey is clear. The audience wants innovation in the design. They want it to be more colorful as the children get attracted to such thing (Lascurain).
Closing: the graphic design department needs to understand the fact that people no longer gets attracted to the old designs. If they will be using the old cartoon they must add new characteristics and innovative features to make it more interesting and make it more appealing in the eyes of the customers. The graphic design department must fully renovate the authentic image of the honey bear which is there in the mind of the audience. They must design something that would not only grasp the attention of the public but will also add a spirit to the unappealing image of honey bear.
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Lascurain, Kitty. Color Psychology. 2013. 9 July 2014 . Read More
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