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Rhetorical Analysis of Academic Communities of Writing and Discourse in the Technical Fields - Essay Example

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Evidently, each journal has specific qualifications and determining criteria that are used to access the relevance of an article to those journals…
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Rhetorical Analysis of Academic Communities of Writing and Discourse in the Technical Fields
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Extract of sample "Rhetorical Analysis of Academic Communities of Writing and Discourse in the Technical Fields"

Download file to see previous pages Notably, each journal has its own purpose and has defined academic traits and levels of academic integrity that authors and contributors should have. This paper will present a rhetorical analysis of five journals using an article from each of the journals as an example, and highlighting the differences and similarities in the purpose, content, use of tone and language.
This journal contains both English and French articles and invites peers to review articles in different publications. The purpose of the journal is publishing articles related to fundamental studies of the transfer processes on thermal aspects as well as related applications. It has a defined scope of the articles it publishes which must be related to thermal processes in physics. The reason why this journal publishes in both English and French in an effort to increase the readers considering these languages are the most widely used international languages. One of the articles selected from this journal titled “thermal conductivity measurement of amorphous si/ sige multilayer films by three omega method,” it becomes evident that the journal places emphasis on the use of an academic tone while presenting the research finding (Shen et al 20).
The structure of presentation of the research findings should be very elaborate as revealed in this article. Moreover, the authors contributing articles to this journal must back up their finding with graphical representations, diagrams, and illustrations as required by the physics field. Since the journal targets readers who are either students specializing in the field or other professional with advanced knowledge in the field, the tone and language level reflect an advanced academic level (Shen et al 22).
This journal targets to cover articles that discuss any of the scientific and technological processes related to fatigue. In this case, the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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