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I tried my best to learn about new culture and languages as soon as possible, and though it was really tough thing for me to do, I succeeded rather soon. So as I adapted, I became more independent and I…
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Why do you want to study engineering
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When I was in the 5th grade, I moved to Indonesia to get better education. I tried my best to learn about new culture and languages as soon as possible, and though it was really tough thing for me to do, I succeeded rather soon. So as I adapted, I became more independent and I started thinking about what I would do in the future. At first, people advised me to become a doctor, but actually I was interested in engineering, as engineering improves our lives even more than medicine.
Some might think that this decision was unconscious. But it is not: from the early childhood I enjoyed repairing electrical appliances, all kinds of mechanisms and computers. And although after such repairs I was often soiled and not everything worked from the first try, but I liked to watch how after my intervention mechanisms ran like clockwork. Thus, I realized that I’m good with machines which I never learned before.
But final assurance in my chose I got while robotics competition was held in my school. I really enjoyed that group work where we had to design our own robots and fight against other robots.
In the 11th grade I moved to the United States. It was another step for me to reach my dream. I got there more freedom, as I had to decide everything on my own without any help from my parents and relatives. As soon as I chose my engineer career, I was looking for University that would fit me ideally. Thus, I found out that Germany is the right place for me to study. So currently I’m preparing to enter the German University.
So you can see that there are several reasons why I want to study engineering. Firstly, I am really good deal with different kinds of machines and mechanisms and I like math and physics. I understand that engineers are needed to work with technique everywhere, as we cannot imagine our life without it, and I am really aspirated about helping other people in their daily life improvement. Finally, I have all the necessary skills for successful engineering career: I have technical way of thinking and well-developed spatial imagination, as well as I am able to make independent decisions and have creative in problem solving. Last but not least, I am very curious about different approaches to the engineering in Germany.
I am sure this internship fits me ideally as it has a great basic which meet my specific needs – it gives an opportunity to develop my knowledge and abilities for further investigations in the field of … . So this internship may make my dream come true and I will get an opportunity to change the world. Read More
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