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Rather, it is well-researched, studied and planned in order to get the attention of consumers. This may be expensive and sometimes time-consuming however, the result is often more beneficial to the…
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Heinez 57
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Affective and Cognitive Effects of Advertisements Advertisements are not simply based on how good the product is photographed. Rather, it is well-researched, studied and planned in order to get the attention of consumers. This may be expensive and sometimes time-consuming however, the result is often more beneficial to the company. For instance, there would be bigger sales which every businessman aims for. In addition, the advertisements can also allure consumers maintain their loyalty to the brand especially when there are new products in the market. As such, Heinz 57 sauce uses advertisement to promote its product based on scientific studies on colors and their effects to consumers.
Firstly, the ad shows a bottle of Heinz 57 sauce packaged with dominant colors of red and yellow. According to Satyendra Singh, red and yellow colors stimulate appetite (785). As a food product, the aim of Heinz is to attract the attention of diners and make them want to buy the product. The purpose of the color is to influence the consumers’ affections for long-term consumption. Therefore, the ad needs to make sense to the consumers that the product can possibly be used in many ways. This is attained through the use of reason or cognition (Bulbul & Menon 177). The ad shows a list of ways to use Heinz 57 sauce and number 38 is highlighted to show the result on a grilled chicken which is also shown in the ad. It looks more luscious and appetizing with its shiny red color. Beside the bottle of sauce is a statement that says, “57 ways- It’s not just for steaks”. This makes the consumers realize that indeed, they can buy the product and can use it in many ways, taking their money’s worth. Clearly, in making this ad, the affective and cognitive effects have been considered.
Bulbul, Cenk and Geeta Menon. “The Power of Emotional Appeals in Advertising: The Influence of Concrete Versus Abstract Affect On Time-Dependent Decisions”. Journal of Advertising Research. June, 2010.
Singh, Satyendra. “Current Research Development: Impact of color on marketing”. Department of Administrative Studies, University of Winnipeg, Winnipeg, Canada. March, 2006. Read More
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Heinez 57 Admission/Application Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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