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In the real sense, women are placed in the second position where they are perceived as providing supportive roles to men. However, with the current economic challenges in different…
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Role of strong woman
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Role of Strong Women In any family setting, women play important roles that sometimes go unnoticed by the society. In the real sense, women are placed in the second position where they are perceived as providing supportive roles to men. However, with the current economic challenges in different parts in the world, women have taken up additional roles of improving the economic well being of their families. In this regard, this essay will discuss the role of strong women in the family based on short story "Shiloh", by Bobbie Ann Mason.
To start with, strong women in the society present certain characteristics that are universal among them. Firstly, strong women are determined to achieve a better life despite facing tough situations. In the short story "Shiloh", Norma Jean is a strong woman, who worked hard to provide to her family despite the fact that her husband, Leroy, had lost his job due to leg injury. Secondly, strong women look for possible alternatives to make their family enjoy quality life. This is why Norma Jean explores different alternatives such as attending evening classes and lifting weights in order to be able to carry out ‘men activities’ effectively. Finally, strong women demonstrate high level of intelligence in decision-making process.
In analyzing the short story "Shiloh", we can draw several conclusions that explain the role of strong women in the family. To begin, strong women are supposed to play advisory roles to their partners whenever presented with tough choices. In real life settings, men act as heads of families hence having the final decision making authority in the family. However, in certain cases, men may not be able to make right choices due to lack of knowledge or ignorance. In such cases, strong women are supposed to guide their husbands for the benefit of the entire family. Considering the short story "Shiloh", Norma Jean advises Leroy of other alternative types of jobs he can undertake instead of staying at home. This indicates that Norma Jean is a strong woman, who can offer relevant advice to her husband during tough times.
Of more importance, strong women should act whenever possible to avert negative effects to their families. Despite the fact that men are required to play the provisional role to their families, their marriage partners may be better placed to carryout similar roles in certain circumstances. Considering the case of Leroy and Norma Jean, we identify Norma Jean as the best placed person in the family to carryout activities that involve physical standing for a long time. This is because Leroy had suffered leg injury hence lacking enough strength for activities that require consistence use of legs. In addition, Norma Jean had gotten used to the absence of her husband while he worked as a truck driver and therefore knew that she had to carryout activities by herself without depending on Leroy.
In conclusion, strong women play a great role in the family setup. They not only support men to maintain the core unit of a society, but they are in most cases involved in managing families by facilitating the provision of basic needs. From the above discussion, it is evident that strong women can take up places of men who fail to accomplish their roles as being the head and provider of the family. In addition, it is evident that strong women portray high degree intelligence in their decision-making processes especially when their marriage partners fail to fulfill their responsibilities. Read More
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