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Analyse how the narrators perspective shapes (or mis-shapes) our perceptions in two novels from this course - Essay Example

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The major argument which is developed through the analysis of this novel is that is portrays the reality of many middle class families with a good number of female daughters where mothers are really cautious about the marriages of their girls. Further it represents a middle…
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Analyse how the narrators perspective shapes (or mis-shapes) our perceptions in two novels from this course
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Download file to see previous pages According to the (Hardie & Lucas 2001), economics affects the relationships of young and financial instability and differences lead to separations and divorces. These financial differences exert stresses on the couples leading to increase in conflicts and disagreements between them. These economic issues increase the regular level of violence between the couple.
Mr Bennet was a person with strong personality and intelligence but his wife who was a daughter of lawyer was totally opposite. She was not patient and was an obsessed personality. Other than that she had negative traits of being pushy and forceful all the time. While on the other hand she was so desperate for the weddings of her daughter that she used to use embarrassing ways for her family to develop an interaction between her daughters and rich men. Mr Bennet was on the other hand a totally patient person with a calm personality so with time he surrendered himself to his wife but with the passing time became unsatisfied with his marriage. Now linking to the argument which was drawn earlier that middle class people believe when a couple is pushed in to marriage they automatically get involved while living together. But the cases presented in the novel portrays opposite. Irritating and all time forceful pushy behaviours lead to dissatisfactions amongst people making them unhappy about their marriages (Bautz & Tredell 2009).
The argument was drawn in the first paragraph that middle class females believe that forceful marriages are fruitful too in the end but the actual reality is different. They are not fruitful and people stay dissatisfied from their relations. Linking it to the story of Jane and Bingley the initial attractions between them were the results of Mrs Bennet’s pushy behaviour. But Bingley proposed Jane as a result of their personal communications (Clark 1994).
The insights of cultural and class differences are presented through the relationship of Elizabeth ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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