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The paper "The Nurse And The Old Man’s Hospital Room" describes what the nurse was tinier than everyone else around her, but she was the biggest positive force in the room because of her empathy, patience, and intelligence.She could be Asian with her brown complexion, jet-black short, straight hair…
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The Nurse And The Old Mans Hospital Room
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June 28, The Nurse and the Old Man’s Hospital Room The nurse was tinier than everyone else around her, but she was the biggest positive force in the room because of her empathy, patience, and intelligence. She could be Asian with her brown complexion, jet-black short, straight hair, big, black eyes, and petite body, but, most of all, she showed how big her heart was for her patients. The patient was a 66-year-old man, my Uncle Jeremy, who had headache, fever, and cough, and every time she entered the room, she tried to make him as comfortable as possible. She checked everything that my Uncle needed and made sure everything was in good working condition. Every time my Uncle said something about his pain, like, “Do you know how painful my stomach is right now? It feels like I’m dying.” She would say: “I can only imagine the pain. I’m going to tell the doctor how you feel, so he can visit you later.” Her eyes were warm and expressed dedication to my Uncle’s needs. Apart from empathy, the nurse showed patience to the constant complaints of my Uncle. Uncle had a hard time expressing himself, probably because he was irritated, and he talked as if he yelled in anger, but she stayed calm and listened with her gentle eyes. The nurse knew how to handle angry patients who felt pain and were miserable. Besides fortitude, the nurse showed intelligence through her critical-thinking skills. Whenever my Uncle said something, she listened for details and things unsaid, such as my Uncle not talking about some discomforts, but clearly showing them physically. The nurse shared her ideas with the doctor too, which helped him improve the diagnosis and treatment for my Uncle. The nurse was exemplary because she illustrated the characteristics of an excellent nurse- sympathetic, tolerant, and intelligent.
While the nurse was outstanding, the hospital room was ordinary, but the gifts and contents that surrounded my Uncle made it look like a part of our home. The room was plain in colors and design. It had white walls with crumbling paint, some cracks in the walls, and simple layout of a bed and a table, which was common for public hospitals. It was white and clean. It was similar to every other hospital I had been too. Though the room was a familiar sight, everything else from our family and friends brought it to life. My Aunt, Uncle’s wife, brought another table and some chairs. The table had two transparent cabinets, and one could see the packs of biscuits, chips, and candies inside, for the visitors. Another layer had dried fruits and sachets of coffee and chocolate drinks. At the side of the table were bags of home-cooked food, such as stewed fish and vegetables, rice, and tilapia in coconut milk. There were also baskets of fruits of every color- watermelon, bananas, apples, and oranges. I could smell the food fighting away the scents of alcohol, medicine, and antiseptics. Apart from food, pots and bouquets of flowers were everywhere. My favorite was a bouquet of yellow flowers with pink edges. They looked brightly colorful and smelled wonderful. My Aunt put this on a vase and placed it on the table. Then, some vivid blue and green balloons were nearby too, as well as piles of cards and letters. My Uncle loved balloons because he used to make them when he was younger. In addition, my Uncle was a writer, so he loved that we read these cards and letters to him. Each letter and card left a trail of smile on his face. The room was plain as plain can be, but everything else filled it with love and hopes for my Uncle’s fast recovery. Read More
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