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The fish museum will be divided into two sections. One section will contain local fish while the other section will contain fish from other parts of the United States. The local fish in the Museum includes…
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Proposal for Fish Farm in Yellow stone National Park
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Proposal for Fish Farm in Yellow Stone National Park The fish museum will be suitable for all ages, and easily accessible. The fish museum will be divided into two sections. One section will contain local fish while the other section will contain fish from other parts of the United States. The local fish in the Museum includes longnose sucker, longnose dace, mountain sucker, mottled sculpin, arctic grayling, Utah sucker, utah chub, speckled dace and Yellowstone cut throat trout. However, the fish farm will also include other kinds of fish from other parts of the world such as brown trout, lake trout, brook trout, rainbow cutthroat hybrids and lake chub. The non-native species will be advantageous in attracting more people looking to know more about the different variety of fish that exist.
1. How to Make Money
The fish farm set up in Yellow Stone National Park can be used for recreational purposes. A fee can be charged for anyone looking to visit the fish farm. The fee charged can differ between adults and children. However, it should not be so expensive as to deter people from visiting the farm. The fish farm management can work in collaboration with educational institutions as a way of earning money by bringing the children to visit the farm for educational purposes from time to time. In addition, the fish being reared at the farm can be sold to any prospect fish owners looking to start their own aquariums at home (Mosig, 32). The fish reared at the farm can also be sold for domestic purposes, as this can be the quickest source of income for the farmer. The workers at the fish farm need to be well trained on how best to handle the fish in order to ensure that the fish are safe for human consumption.
2. How to Protect Fish
Small shallow ponds make fish easy prey for the predators. However, most predators are less likely to venture into ponds where fish have enough room to escape or go into hiding as this makes their hunting rather difficult. It is recommended that the fish farm be large and as deep as possible, with steep sides. The recommended depth for the fish farm especially for someone looking to keep a variety of fish is of about three to four feet. In addition, it is recommended that the fish far, be strategically located at a point where one can easily view it in case predators choose to attack the fish.
Netting can additionally be used to guard the fish farm, especially during the night when the predators are most active. It can also be used during spring and fall since most animals are most active during these seasons. Alarms that can detect animal movement can be set up around the farm with high-pitched sensors and flashing lights that will likely have them fleeing. At night, motion sensors would be most beneficial around the exterior of the fish farm. Fencing is also another way to protect the fish, especially in the immediate surrounding area of the fish farm. This will be very beneficial in deterring flying predators, and likely prevent small children from getting too close to the fish. Hiding places around the fishpond can also be very beneficial seeing that predators will likely not catch the fish if they can hide. Floating vegetation can also be good to act as hiding the fish from predators (Mosig, 45).
3. How to Bring More Visitors.
Making more and more people aware in the community about the existence of the fish farm will likely be a good way to attract more people to visit the farm. This can be done through putting up fliers and billboards to make more people aware about the fish farm. In addition, putting up rare fish in the farm will likely attract more people to the area. It is recommended that a variety of fish be kept since this will likely attract more and more people even educational institutions looking to make their students more aware about fish (Mosig, 51). The fair charge for visiting the fish farm can also be a way of drawing more visitors to the farm, especially if is favourable as compared to other fish farms located in the area.
Work Cited
Mosig, John, and Ric Fallu. Australian Fish Farmer. Melbourne: Landlinks/CSIRO Publishing, 2004. Print. Read More
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