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From the streets to the libraries - Assignment Example

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since it talks about the concerns of the general public, people can be aware of what is going on and derive lessons from it. Consequently, this genre helps people stay…
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From the streets to the libraries
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Download file to see previous pages History is important as it gives the people who relate to it a cultural identity.
Among the major cons of this genre is the vulgarity of the language and too much sex and violence. It raises a conflict. Critics challenge the ill manner in which the genre strives to air the message. Vulgar language, sex and violence is purported to impact the readers and giving it a lot of priority erodes morality. It is also not ideal for people of tender ages as it exposes them to graphic sex and violence too soon. Therefore, it does not suit all ages or the conservative people.
I support this statement. Basically, Miller means that the only concern is that people read and therefore have the chance to benefit from the lessons. This dismisses the claim of inappropriate ways of delivering the message. Despite having graphical sex, violence or vulgar language, what matters is the conclusion rather that the language, sex or violence. Given the nature of urban lifestyle, it is inevitable to include the inappropriate details. However, using the inappropriate details to deliver a strong message after reading is the main agenda.
The authors of this genre get their work published by their own publishing companies that they have started. In addition, the popularity of the genre had persuaded other publishers to accept publishing urban fiction works.
The popularity of this genre emerged from increased acceptance by libraries. Librarians began bringing them to the libraries where people would be interested in them (Barnard 1). The popularity of best sellers in this genre increased interest from people.
There are lessons from urban fiction. They are not only real and interesting but also have a valid reason for their popularity. This genre proves useful and it deserves the audience it continues to enjoy.
By addressing the real issue in the society, this genre keeps people aware at all times. They can live accordingly. It also impacts the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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