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Katherine Mansfield Pastiche - Essay Example

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From the story, her life seems unfulfilled because she loves judging others, considering the world as being a play with human characters. She loves walking…
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Katherine Mansfield Pastiche
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Extract of sample "Katherine Mansfield Pastiche"

Download file to see previous pages Through this, there is dramatic irony, which makes understanding the character easier because of the isolation of the character. In addition, the representation of other characters is in an unbiased manner that enables one to have a better understanding of the region.
In the prequel, the narration mostly focuses on Miss Brills insights on what she hears and sees. The modernist tone helps highlight the theme of aloneness, rejection, and illusion. The narrator pleasantly presents the nostalgic nature of the variation of youthfulness and old age. Miss Brill is sentimental and emotional about her youth, and this now develops into fantasy and senility. The ermine fur largely characterizes the three stages that she undergoes: youthfulness, adulthood, and old age. Her fantasy world begins in her old age, where her world dwells on judging others. The season for social engagements has begun, and young women debuting their latest fashions often characterize the period. Normally, there have been a lot of bustle and social interactions in this perceptible tourist season. Miss Brill adorns her most prized possession, the ermine fur, as she reflects on her youthful life in which she looked forward to dating. Delightfully referring to her ermine fur as her "Little Rogue"(182) evidences her ageing reminiscence.
Through third-person narration, it is evident that the day is brilliantly fine and there is a lot of laughter and chirping. However, Miss Brill is perceptibly a lonesome woman on a park bench despite the happiness that surrounds her. Miss Brill does not know the people who are at the park, and only use appearances and clothes to provide descriptions. For example, there is "a fine old man in a velvet coat," an Englishman "wearing a dreadful Panama hat," and "little boys with big white silk bows under their chins". It is evident that she was a wardrobe mistress in her earlier life and still maintains the same judgment ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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