Parental Involvement in Preventing Bullying Behavior - Essay Example

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Bullying entails, two parties directly or indirectly involved. These parties or individuals include the bullies and the victimized persons. Parents play a…
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Parental Involvement in Preventing Bullying Behavior
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Parental Involvement in Preventing Bullying Behavior al affiliations) Parental Involvement in Preventing Bullying Behavior
Bullying refers to the process of using superior strength to accomplish or influence people to achieve certain demands. Bullying entails, two parties directly or indirectly involved. These parties or individuals include the bullies and the victimized persons. Parents play a significant in the life of both the victims and the bullies during growth and development. The victimized individuals fear reporting cases of bullying to parents or other institutional leaders. The fear originates from humiliation and other accusations of tattling. Family teachings offer practical lessons to changing individual behavior and character
Some victims of bullying hold immature perspectives that leaders or parents are not in a position to solve the problems. This approach shows a misguided judgment as parents play a significant role in developing personality and building an individual’s general behavior. Proper parenting originates from effective interactions among family members (Berger, 2008). Parents play the protective role to a child that translates to decreased bullying engagements. Parents also act as the counselors through practical sharing of personal problems.
Identifying bullying cases enables proper disciplinary action, use of other effective guiding and counseling approaches. Parents seek other alternatives to solving bullying in any given situations. Bully signs include intimidating other kids within the neighborhood, aggressive attitudes to adults and some antisocial behaviors (Berger, 2008). Some individuals depict suggestive behavior to indicate signs of victimization. Such behaviors include torn clothes, isolation cases, using illogical routines in the neighborhood.
Parents provide the moral support on how to cope with cases of bullying at any given incidence. As such, the lessons focus on being assertive without aggression where the said individual is provoked. Parents also supervise children behavior from school participation and home activities (Berger, 2008). This occurs when the parents talk to the children upon notice of behavior change. Sometime the parents participate in school events to evaluate individual progress or child performance. As role models, parents provide practical examples on how to react to different situations in life (Berger, 2008).
Parents ensure that children obtain intervention from relevant sources. The parents also offer approaches to reporting cases of bullying by building confidence. Parent involvement in a child’s behavior shows the direct relation to either encouraging or preventing bullying. Some negative behaviors depicted by an individual show the home condition or family structure. The contemporary society offers the platform to regulate behavior through adults (Berns, 2004). Fighting child bullying originates from the house and family members. Bullying defines character obtained from the parents or family teachings.
Bullying is a dominating issue in the contemporary society. Bullying has negative influences to the growth and development of a child in the youthful stages. Parents are the foundations to preventing or eliminating bullying. The family teachings offer practical lessons to changing individual behavior and character. Parents provide the difference in character and behavior that translates to positive attitude and accomplished personalities. Parents help instill a sense understanding to the children.
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