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In essence, the negative factors of open space offices form a primary concern for organization across the globe, because of the overall reduction in productivity. This is because each firm is more focused in making profits and this means that the issue of open offices cause…
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Redesign an Open-Space Office to Improve Productivity
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Third Main Support for Thesis III. Provision of strategies to eliminate negative factors of open-space offices In essence, the negative factors of open space offices form a primary concern for organization across the globe, because of the overall reduction in productivity. This is because each firm is more focused in making profits and this means that the issue of open offices cause profitability barriers, and then it should be solved. This follows that this project seeks for strategies that will help counter this situation (Passero, and Zannin, 38). Some of the strategies suggested include
A. Provision of private breakout meeting rooms for teamwork
1. Private or confidential break out rooms provide adequate meeting rooms and this reduce disruption of meetings. They provide a serene milieu to discuss critical issues away from the open office noise.
2. Employees can utilize these rooms for making personal phone calls. These rooms provide privacy particularly when employees need to make private calls.
B. Usage of special products for noise reduction
1. Specialized soundproofing products can be purchased when transforming office space into an open layout. For instance, the furniture should be integrated with this equipment to reduce the distance in which sound or noise travels. This offers some level of privacy. Such configurations may include acoustically absorbent panels with a noise reduction coefficient (NRC) of at least 0.75 (Passero, and Zannin, 38).
Work cited
Passero, C.R.M, and P.H.T Zannin. "Acoustic Evaluation and Adjustment of an Open-Plan Office Through Architectural Design and Noise Control." Applied Ergonomics. 43.6 (2012): 1066-1071. Print. Read More
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