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Wolff uses a number of literary devices to tell his story and pass his messages about racism. Tobias Wolff used symbolism to express his views on racism. The body paragraph…
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Short Story Literary Analysis Paper (thesis)
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English Literary Analysis of “That Room” Tobias Wolff’s “That Room” tells the story of a man who sought employment at a farm over the summer. Wolff uses a number of literary devices to tell his story and pass his messages about racism. Tobias Wolff used symbolism to express his views on racism. The body paragraph will focus on three topic sentences. The Winchester rifle used in the story symbolizes control and power. The dying salmon in the saltwater is emblematic of the move that Rosemary and Jack will make. The beaver killed by Dwight is symbolic of Jack’s future.
The Winchester rifle given to Jack by Roy is symbolic of the control and power that Jack craves. Jack feels “powerless whenever he has to protect his mother from unhappiness, poverty and violence” (Wolff 1). With the rifle, he feels powerful and authoritative. The dying salmon are symbolic of the move that Jack and Rosemary will make. Jack and Rosemary “point out the salmon as they swim from the saltwater to freshwater” (Wolff 1). The salmon are dying because they are not used to the new habitat. Rosemary and Jack face a similar situation when they leave their homes. They face the pettiness and cruelty of Dwight (Wolff 1). The beaver killed by Dwight is symbolic of the life that awaits Jack. Dwight killed the beaver while driving back home. Jack is about to become helpless, like the beaver. He will live at the mercy of Dwight.
Tobias Wolff’s story, “That Room” is about a man who sought employment at a farm. In order to outline the theme of racism and tell the story effectively, the author used symbolism. Symbolism is evident in the interactions between Jack and Rosemary, and Jack and Dwight. In most of the scenes, symbolism shows readers that a symbolic event has the potential to change a character’s life.
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Wolff, Tobias. That Room. Opulence. Bloombury. Issue 10. 2013. Page 1. Read More
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