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Constrained to the perception of an unrealistic body image which is the “Barbie doll image wherein a super slim body possesses a bigger size of…
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ARS: Crogan The body concerns of Western women Mostly, women in the Western are mostly concerned about their body shapes and sizes specifically to hips, thighs and stomach areas. Constrained to the perception of an unrealistic body image which is the “Barbie doll image wherein a super slim body possesses a bigger size of breasts which is the basis of different beauty pageants.
Methods that researchers do to gather information that affect women
By using the Internet, researchers took in women who were scheduled to take cosmetic surgery and record their “before and after” and what they felt about their new look. Others would make another surgery to further enhance what is already there.
Aside from these surveys, researchers used real women and digitally manipulate their overall appearance as the participants watched; researchers can immediately recount their reactions and perceptions to their own bodies. Women are insecure and at times overly degrade themselves because of not achieving “the look.”
Six methods used by women to feel more satisfied with their bodies
Binge eating --- Women feel more satisfied with their bodies when they are not eating and their stomach became flatter. Throwing away the food eaten and followed by eating fruits as subordinate. Time and again, binge eaters or bulimics, in their latter life recorded serious illnesses that include death.
Anabolic steroid use – Because of the pressure to keep up with the competition specifically in the body building field, men are taking steroids to further enhance their muscle shapes or bulkiness. This addicting drug use has harmful effects in the body. Through time using this enhancer results in the breaking down of the functions of the kidney and liver. Hypertension, hepatitis and high risk of fan HIV infection for those who uses the injectable that centers on men because they are the ones subjective to body building.
Cosmetic surgery – A billion dollar industry and a phenomenon for the society of youth-obsessed society. Commercials dominantly affected the women on how they supposed to look. What is the norm and what is the “perfect” that pushed them to decide to go on the knives. Cosmetic surgery is not just simply placing make up on and being washed off at the end of the day. This would reverse the natural look of ones’ physical being. This also includes liposuction.
Dieting (“fad” or “faddy”) --- This is usually a liquid protein diet or fruit diet and a powder mixed with water protein drinks. A person would eat no other than fruit throughout this period. Dieting with only drinks and easily digested fruits tend to make a person hungrier and crave more than ever thus, diverting into another kind of food. In surveys gathered, women says that they are not satisfied and through time they got sick and tired of dieting because of the longer time it took to attain their ideal body size.
Combined whole and part-body estimation – digitally manipulated pictures of woman in the screen is being watched as the participants go about to re-examine their physical state at that specific time.
Exercise – In the Western, women exercise because they want to improve their muscle tones and to lose weight rather than for health. But exercise is more positive compare to other weight loss process. By sweating and using energy to burn fat makes them less susceptible to disease and more confident even comparing them to the thinner person. Read More
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