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The main claim in the above image is the relationship between the Catholic hospitals and its restricted treatment activities held, under the light of Holly Bible. Look closely at the image, on one side there is a sign board of “Hospital” along with the cross placed in the…
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Religious beliefs and Its effects on medical decisions
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The main claim in the above image is the relationship between the Catholic hospitals and its restricted treatment activities held, under the light of Holly Bible. Look closely at the image, on one side there is a sign board of “Hospital” along with the cross placed in the center above. And on the other side a poster is hung with the warning written as: “Health care limited by religious restrictions”. The message posted in the image is sending the warning to the audience, that all the treatments taking place in the hospital should be driven by the religious prohibitions. The Catholic health care is based on the teachings of Jesus Christ, because they take Jesus as their founder. For example, the abortions are highly prohibited according to the Catholic health care. It is like these people are so antichrists and they somehow enforce and convince the women to quit the decision of abortion. They place the Holly Bible in front of these women quoting few verses out of it, and conclude that abortion is the act of sin, and the women going for it are the sinners and will burn in hell. That is what this image is trying to say to the audience. The image is claiming towards the discrimination of religious beliefs and its effect on the medical decisions today. The image is arranged in such a way, a hospital, cross sign, and a warning – which automatically reflects the religious restrictions strongly followed by the Catholic believers, when it comes to the matter health care decisions.
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