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The Industrial Revolution and the Information Revolution did have much impact on the varied aspects of food cultivation, marketing and processing. The…
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Watch film and then write the critical views of the film
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of the English of the Concerned 2 June The Future of Food- Critical Analysis In the last century, the way food is cultivated, harvested, processed, marketed and sold has indeed evinced a marked change. The Industrial Revolution and the Information Revolution did have much impact on the varied aspects of food cultivation, marketing and processing. The Future of food is indeed an interesting and thought provoking documentary that tends to explain varied aspects of the economics and science of food cultivation. The Future of Food lays bare the way Green Revolution benefitted the large corporations and how the industrial farming of food negatively impacted the small farmers.
The Future of Food tends to explain in a systematic and organized manner as to how the much praised Green Revolution had a debilitating influence on the small farmers and how it benefitted the large corporations. The objective of the Green Revolution was to facilitate a massive increase in the overall production of crops in the poor or developing nations by promoting an extensive use of high yielding varieties of crops, chemical pesticides and artificial fertilizers (Belasco 116). The basic objective of Green Revolution was to make way for a larger production of food crops that could help the poor nations deal with the long pending issues like hunger and mal-nutrition. However, it is sad to say that though Green Revolution did help the developing nations to some extent, yet the economics of Green Revolution was primarily hijacked by the big multinational pesticide and fertilizer producers. The high yield varieties of crops were so modified that they worked only when treated with specific fertilizers and pesticides (Belasco 116). Thereby, this approach towards Green Revolution eventually ended up filling the coffers of large multinational corporations dealing in pesticides and fertilizers. However, it will be true to say that The Future of Food was very constrained about how Green Revolution did benefit large number of hungry and mal-nourished people around the world.
The other ironic revelation extended by The Future of Food is that going by the fact that the economics of Green Revolution was skewed in favor of powerful multinational corporations and rich farmers, it negatively impacted the small framers the world over and diluted their role in the larger food economics (Belasco 116). Though, industrial farming aimed to produce massive quantities of crops, on a large scale by resorting to the usage of modern technology and by influencing the economics and politics of food at an international level, yet, actually speaking this approach towards farming badly impacted the small farmers. The thing that needs to be noticed is that the focus of industrial farming was not merely to augment the production of crops. The large multinational corporations engaging in industrial farming commanded a strong hold over the food prices in the international markets and had the power to use politics in the developing nations in their favor. Thereby, one sad outcome of industrial farming was that it made the small farmers all around the world a mere puppet in the hands larger market forces and tilted the economics of agriculture in a way that it discouraged and drove them away from the business of cultivating and selling crops. This made agriculture so costly and resource intensive that the small farmers simply could not afford to engage in agriculture (Belasco 116).
Hence, The Future of Food in a very emphatic manner unravels the fact as to how the contemporary policy making, politics, economics and science of food had been deliberately skewed in favor of the large corporations engaging in industrial farming, and the production and marketing of pesticides and fertilizers.
Works Cited
Belasco, Warren. Food: The Key Concepts. New York: Berg, 2008. Print. Read More
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