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Individual Report Style - Assignment Example

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Individual Report Style Name: Institution: Course: Tutor: Date: Individual Report Style Question 1: As globalization trends increase in the recent past, most organizations are adapting new strategies to conform to the emergent market needs. One of these strategies pertains to the expansion of businesses to global markets…
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Individual Report Style
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"Individual Report Style"

Download file to see previous pages For this reason, these businesses need to devise viable ways through which they can address all concerns in a sustainable manner. One of the problems that affect current international businesses includes cultural concerns. The ability of the business to survive and thrive after encountering relative challenges is dependent on the manner in which they address these challenges. In essence, successful businesses need to review their structural models and align these to the cultural expectations of the markets that they wish to explore. It is against this background that this paper analyzes cultural differences between the Swedish and UK markets. To enhance coherence, it also underscores the strategic impact that the differences have on the international marketing mix strategy of the film products. The paper begins by providing a comprehensive review of the film product and its performance in this market. As part of the entertainment industry, it is widely agreed that film actually drives this industry. In the UK market, statistical evidence indicates that film contributes a significant 100 million pounds to the gross domestic product. Although studios generate their revenue from different windows, theatrical window reportedly offers the best opportunities because it sets the pace and establishes standards for home video, television products cable provisions and pay-per-view packages. In addition, successful establishments offers substantial opportunities for merchandising, licensing as well as a host of other entertainment products like books, television shows, and theme park attractions, plays and so forth. Although the film market is relatively volatile, we wish to pursue this field because of the opportunities that it offers. Sweden is a country that offers various opportunities for exploration by the film industry. Its economy is developed and comparatively, the film industry has not been fully established. Market trends indicate that film producers in this country assume only 45% of the entertainment market dominance. Yet the industry contributes close to 100 million dollars to its gross domestic product. Market analyses according to Rodgers also indicate that the country has a broad consumer base. Consumer preferences in this regard show positive attitudes and a strong urge to adopt English mannerisms (Brooks, 2008). Therefore, its exploration would probably yield beneficial outcomes. In particular, this investment venture wishes to produce films for the teenagers who seem to be greatly influenced by the English culture. It will enter the market through theatre which has proven to be more productive from the market analyses. As indicated earlier, culture has direct impacts on the behaviours and mannerisms that the consumers adopt. Just like in the United Kingdom, culture influences consumer attitudes and preferences in Sweden too. This is exhibited through various modes that range from language and social values to attitudes and religious practices. At this point, it is worth appreciating that the preceding factors are imperatively important because of the direct influence that they have on critical marketing mix elements such as pricing, placement of the product, promotion and the quality of the products. To begin with, language is an important aspect of culture that would have direct effects on the success of this film venture. It aids in communication and is very useful in eliminating inconsistencies ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Individual Report Style Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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