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The United States discovered that Japan was the strongest Asian power with the largest industry and had the capability to threaten America’s trade and security. It was observed that if Japan conquered China, it would become a more powerful and a greater threat. The U.S decided…
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Is was necessary
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Download file to see previous pages The decision to drop the atomic bomb on Japan is unquestionable and the most momentous made during the World War II.
The use of the bomb was integral to the decision to develop it, the assumption was the atomic bomb would be employed when it is ready if it was necessary to win or end the war. According to social psychology there are forces affecting public perception that go beyond the argument about the effectiveness of the U.S government (Okuda 170). These factors affected the policy makers and Truman, who were instrumental leading them to believe in their own misinformation in the decision of dropping the bomb .The psychological social factors resulted to parallel decision of Truman’s decision to drop the atomic bomb and the decision to engage in military conflicts of invading Iraq. The reaction of the policy makers, Truman and the public was the use of the atomic bomb on Japan was in great favor.
Truman, the president of United States of America, appointed an interim committee who undertook the Manhattan project which its initiative was to build the atomic bomb. Although the project was immensely expensive, the interim committee had to rationalize their expenses of time, energy and resources. The development of the atomic weapon, for the purpose of using it against the axis was part of the policy from the beginning of war. They considered the atomic weapon to produce deadly explosive weapon of the modern war. The interim committee recommended that the bomb should be used against Japan as soon as possible. The target of the weapon was to be used at the military installation and used without any warning. The project was a special achievement and a special responsibility of the foreign policy. The decision and the extent of the bomb to be used were shaped by the values and the attitudes.
The use of the weapon was later motivated by the wish to keep the Soviet Union out of war in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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