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Creation and eternal life are cyclical implying that the world as well as individuals existed, are existing, and will always be existing. Creation is cyclical (circular) and the world shall exist…
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Vishnu Purana The Trimurti of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva oversee the existence of the universe. Creation and eternal life are cyclical implying that the world as well as individuals existed, are existing, and will always be existing. Creation is cyclical (circular) and the world shall exist for an epoch of Brahma. The destruction of any creature (cosmos) portends its recreation implying that the creation process is always progressive. Additionally, an individual’s progression through life can be perceived to be circular. They progress upwardly up to a certain point when they deteriorate but with time, they are recreated and start ascending again. However, time is limited and progressive even as the individual undergoes the cycles.
Cosmology Mythos of Egypt
Many of the creatures that appear around or live in the river are significantly associated with the Egyptian gods and goddess. Moreover, the striking fertility of the Nile as compared to the barren condition of the barren land in Egypt made the Egyptians believe that their deities were dwelling around this fertile place. the Nun, Ogdoad, and the primordial Egyptian gods are believed to have lived around the Nile. The river acted as physical evidence that augmented Egyptian mythologies as many people could see the river.
Geographically, Egypts Nile River valley was comparatively secluded from other hubs of civilization and the Egyptian religion remained unscathed by the views of foreign philosophies. The diverse pantheon of deities that existed fueled civilization and evolution of the myth that was meant to explain the world. The geographical, especially the apt weather in the Nile region, conditions also presented an inordinate opportunity for the Egyptians to explore their world a factor that significantly contributed to the rise of civilization. Various challenges confronted the Egyptians and had to devise elucidations and/or solutions. The availability of the Nile was an inordinate opportunity for the Egyptians to invent technologies that will enable them harness and reap maximally from the natural water source that was believed to be of utter significance in their existence.
The Popol Vuh
The legends and religious beliefs of the ancient Quiché Maya who inhabited Guatemala are expertly described in the Popol Vuh. It starts with an exploration of the anthropomorphic lineages and clinches with a regnal pedigree, to assert that the Maya people rule the land by divine right. The Popol Vuh shows the various attempts that the maya deity did in an effort to create and transform the Maya people. The indigenous people could use the Popol Vuh to scare colonizers by indicating that their god gave them the land and any intruder shall be punished relentlessly. Additionally, they could stand firm and assert that their cultural institutions and values were created and given to them by their deities and were not to be touched or altered. Anyone who strives to change the values or institutions was, therefore, going against the wish of the powerful deities and must be held accountable by way of castigation.
The Kojiki by Ō Yasumaro indicate that the Japanese were given the four homes by their god and were supposed to defend it at all costs. Their deities are important for the success and existence of the Japanese. Additionally, from Mary Daly’s “exorcising the evil from eye” it is apparent that women bear responsibility for the first sin, a factor that projects a malignant of male-female relationships and strengthen the negative view against women; it is embedded in our contemplations. Read More
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