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Based on the writer - Assignment Example

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Sometimes they cope with it and other times they implode under pressure and become aggressive or passive aggressive. Taking out their frustration on others is their way of…
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Based on the writer
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Download file to see previous pages Rodger’s case is one event that has shocked the whole world because he was a son of a famous director. He could be going to celebrity parties and hanging out with girls but he was uploading hate speeches on YouTube expressing his rage and anger against girls who had allegedly dumped him (Hamad, 2014). This young man of 22 could not communicate with any other person, let alone the opposite sex. Failure to communicate probably resulted in a violent expression of rage and hate. His parents had already arranged a personal therapist for Roger. Feeling jealousy, rejection and/or depression is almost a normal thing in every teenager’s life. ‘Geeks’ or ‘nerds’ are usually prone to these feelings because they are the ones usually picked on by bullies. But taking out this frustration by killing people is nothing but mental sickness.
‘Jeopardy’ champion, Arthur Chu appeared on Good Morning America and told the world that Roger’s emotional state was ‘normal’ for any nerd except for the murderous actions (Murray, 2014), yet he was severely mentally ill. There is hardly any doubt about Rodger’s motives for his murderous actions; he sent 107,000 word story to his parents, therapist and some others right before he carried out the shooting (Duke, 2014). The debate about his father (famous director) giving him a nice lifestyle is unclear because in his ‘story’ he writes of his financial suffering. He wished he were wealthier.
Sometimes wishes can be too far-fetched and other times they are just needs. A prisoner wanting freedom is not really a want, it’s a need. The want for wealth, money, opposite sex and popularity is never ending. Theres no comparison between a prisoner wanting freedom and a person wanting more money. Repressed anger can explode or passively ooze out of the person.
It is not only the case with the teenagers or young adults. The story Sweat (1926) by Zora Neale ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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