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There have been many families, lives and careers which have been destroyed due to drugs. In addition, drug abuse has certain health implications that affect the user and makes him or her a financial burden…
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Effects of Drugs
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[Teacher’s Drugs have continued to burden society and its values for generations. There have been many families, lives and careers which have been destroyed due to drugs. In addition, drug abuse has certain health implications that affect the user and makes him or her a financial burden due to medical care requirements. Drugs are also very addictive and the user loses his or her morals making him or her blind to the impact that the drugs is having on his or her life. The drugs also have psychological implications on the user and his or her associates and relatives. This paper will assess the influence of drugs one’s family, career and life.
As mentioned above, drugs are addictive meaning an individual becomes dependent on the substance and neglects his or her responsibilities in order to satisfy his addiction. Drugs have side effects after use as they imitate or inhibit the action of neurotransmitters which makes them stimulants or depressors (Carlson, 12). In addition, drugs have a toxic effect on the neurons which reduces the mental capabilities of an individual. Therefore, the diminished neuronal function will adversely affect an individual’s cognition making him or her incompetent at the workplace. Furthermore, the patient is likely to experience changes in his personality and regular mood swings which affect his relation to his colleagues. Therefore, drugs make an individual incapable of performing his professional obligations and he or she is unlikely to keep a job. This also explains why the majority of drug users are unemployed.
The family of drug user is likely to be affected the most by this habit. This is because the family knows the real personality of an individual on drugs and they are tormented by watching the way drugs metamorphose his or her behavior and character. Therefore, drug use has a severe psychological impact on the family of a drug user. If the individual is the breadwinner, the family will also be affected financially as he will be unable to provide the financial resources necessary for satisfying basic needs (Swain et al. 327-333). Drug users often use the majority of their money on drugs as these are expensive and if they do not use these drugs they begin to experience withdrawal symptoms which are very difficult to resolve. According to sociological studies, drug users are also more likely to be abusive meaning the family can also be subjected to violent attacks from the user.
In summation, the life of a drug user is very complicated and he or she is often depressed due to the extremes experienced in the status of his mood. The individual become dependent on these drugs and he or she cannot do anything without drugs (Epstein et al. 318-324). The life of a drug user resolves around the substance which he consumes and these individuals usually become reserved or restrict their social circles to other drug users. Drugs may also drive a person to suicide as they destroy their lives without realizing what they are doing (Epstein et al. 318-324). By the time drug users realize what their life has amounted to it is too late and the only opinion they feel is left is suicide.
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