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A Play emulating Poe in The Raven and QUestions - Essay Example

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The aspect of writing that I find the most difficult is finding words that have internal rhyme and words that have alliteration because I do not have a wide vocabulary of adjectives and action words that rhyme or have alliteration. Despite this difficulty, I did my best to add…
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A Play emulating Poe in The Raven and QUestions
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Extract of sample "A Play emulating Poe in The Raven and QUestions"

Download file to see previous pages The “tapping” that rhymes with “napping” also is a great contrast because “tapping” wakes up the “napping.” Poe knows how to tell a story that comes alive through the sounds of his rhymes and alliterations.
I grew up with my grandmother who treated me like I was the most favorite grandchild. She always cooked my favorite meals and she always listened to me. She is the kind of grandmother whom some might say have spoiled me because she always understood me and took my side when I am arguing with others. After she died, I miss her so much. I remember that when I am sad and I feel lonely, I sometimes feel someone hug me, even if it is just the wind. For me, it is my grandmother’s way of showing me that she is still with me, loving me and taking care of me. Sometimes, I also feel a craving for my favorite food, and when I come home, I smell my grandmother’s cooking even when it is just in my head because I miss how she takes care of me. Other times, when I have problems, I dream of my grandmother. In my dreams, she listens to me and helps me think of solutions to my problems. I remember her sweet apple smell because she loves baking apple pies that I love so much. I also hear her humming old songs when she puts me to sleep. My grandmother is long dead, but her memories are forever alive with me.
Restate the question in your response and support your answer with evidence from the story. Explain the use of repetition in the Raven... What does Poe repeat, and why? what is his purpose in repeating...? Support response.
For example, when the narrator says “…rapping, rapping at my chamber door”(4), the effect is onomatopoeic melody, as if the reader can hear the rapping at their own doors. The repetition also contributes to the sad tone of the poem because the choice of words. In addition, in this example, the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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