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In the article The Public Obligations of Intellectuals Michael Dyson explains his understanding of the role of intellectual for the community where he or she lives. He argues that intellectuals need to use their knowledge to help other people, understand them and relieve their…
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The Public Obligations of Intellectuals Summary
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In the article The Public Obligations of Intellectuals Michael Dyson explains his understanding of the role of intellectual for the community where he or she lives. He argues that intellectuals need to use their knowledge to help other people, understand them and relieve their pain. Despite the fact that the main obligation of any intellectual is to be smart, all knowledge should be used for the sake of other people. Being African American, Dyson provides enough examples from personal biography to prove his point of view. He had a hard life before he became intellectual. He had to work hard in order to save money for college. Dysons father, hard work and religion inspired him to study in order to help other people and protect them.
Intellectuals should never exist separately from their community; they need to serve other people and use their knowledge to “combat half-truths” which surround people in their daily life. Understanding the complexity of race, intellectuals add clarity to the issue and give people an opportunity to understand each other. Dyson recollect the failure of Malcom X to struggle for racial liberation and suggests that healthy debate can be more effective to cope with this issue. Searching for the truth and arguments, intellectuals should never be “lazy” because in this way they will be ineffective for their community. In summary, Dyson comes to the conclusion that intellectuals need to use their knowledge to help other people, promote their freedoms and rights and serve their community effectively.
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