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How to categorize individuals will often depend on the world around you. The most common ways of categories include: civilized/barbarian, local/foreigner, different races, different economic classes and…
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It Takes All Kinds
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For thousands of years, there have been different ifications of people. How to categorize individuals will often depend on the world around you.The most common ways of categories include: civilized/barbarian, local/foreigner, different races, different economic classes and different religions. Of all these, the best way to classify people remains that of economic classes.
In the past, people were classified as either rich or poor. This classification later changed to rich, middle-class and poor. The current generation has added one more class to these: super-rich, which was born after huge economic difference emerged among those considered to be rich.
Category according to economic class has gradually evolved over time. In historical times before emergence of technologies, the number of horses or cows dictated whether one is rich or poor. Arrival of automobiles added a new feature to this classification where the middle-class was born. The gauge became that the rich were able to own cars whereas the middle class had wealth that was considered to be average. Nowadays, horses, cows and cars are owned by the middle class.
Technological advancement is a major contributor of the shift that has been realized in the rich/poor category. It is also the single reason for the emergence of the supper-rich class. Whereas the poor can only afford up to a simple mobile phone in the current technological arena, the middle class can own a car, the rich can own up to a small company and the super-rich own private jets, mega-ships and can employ the rich.
Classification according to economic classes is not only fair but interesting and understandable. In comparison to other forms of classification, one can easily know and accept his class. This classification has also brought competition; a factor that contributes to hard work and continued innovation. Read More
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