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Jurassic park- Craft an argument where you demonstrate how an issue(or issues)presented in your chosen novel is/are a reflection of contemporary society.I.e. It's hopes,fears,realizations etc - Essay Example

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John Crichton wrote Jurassic Park in 1990 at a time when the world was awash with the marvels of the information age and geared towards computerizing most aspects of business and personal life. However, one theme of the story brought to the contemporary society’s realisation…
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Jurassic park- Craft an argument where you demonstrate how an issue(or issues)presented in your chosen novel is/are a reflection of contemporary society.I.e. Its hopes,fears,realizations etc
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Extract of sample "Jurassic park- Craft an argument where you demonstrate how an issue(or issues)presented in your chosen novel is/are a reflection of contemporary society.I.e. It's hopes,fears,realizations etc"

Download file to see previous pages The storyline in Jurassic Park presented a different perspective to technology when the society realized that the fears could indeed be real.
In the story, biotechnology, aided by computer automation, aims at revolutionizing genetics with the sole purpose of making money, as seen in the character Hammond, the owner of the park (Crichton 42). The same argument is applicable to contemporary society, which pays less attention to the implications of the ethical aspect associated with technology. However, through fear, the realization of this fact must have motivated the modern society to research on all the security and ethics-compliant measures being implemented since the start of the millennium. The preventive measures of today’s society are also a reflection of the fear instilled by the character Malcolm, the mathematician who proposed the “chaos theory” that suggests complex systems, in spite of countermeasures taken, will always demonstrate unpredictable behaviour. The continuous research and development of backup systems, anti-virus software and firewalls are a manifestation that the story actually drove the modern society to realize that their systems can actually fail and result in chaos.
In the book, the scientists blinded themselves to the potential flaws their scheme had, especially because they were carrying out their research outside of the US and essentially, away from control measures. However, fear was evident after the dinosaurs started killing them, especially when every scientist in the park who knew how to use computers was killed (Leahey 38). In this sense, two observations can be drawn from the behaviour of modern society: fear and hope. Hammond’s system was designed to predict tragedy, just like humans today have the ability to undergo medical tests and know their health status. However, Malcolm asserted that the working ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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