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The typology by Holmes and Holmes is categorized into five main divisions that include the list killer, the comfort killer, the thrill killer, the mission serial killer, and the visionary serial killer. A murder based on lust is one where the felon is in search of erotic…
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Criminology research paper
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Criminology Research Paper Criminology Research Paper The typology by Holmes and Holmes is categorized into five main divisions thatinclude the list killer, the comfort killer, the thrill killer, the mission serial killer, and the visionary serial killer. A murder based on lust is one where the felon is in search of erotic satisfaction by killing an identified victim. This felony is similar to erotophonophilia, which can be described as sexual gratification that comes on the death of a victim. This is usually realized by murder either during sexual intercourse or through mutilating the victim’s sexual organs, which may bring in the issue of evisceration. The killer could achieve their gratification through posing the body in different ways as well as propping the body in diverse ways and in insertion of objects into the victim’s bodily openings. Such murderers are usually viewed as sadistic sexual psychopaths. The classification of the murder related to lust is done according to the crime scene mostly with regard to psychopathology of the scene. Moreover, a homosexual or heterosexual orientation could also be involved in lust murders. The organized offender could be identified if the murderer tortures and kills to gain sexual gratification, which can also be categorized as prototype serial killer. The disorganized lust killers also exhibit similar behaviors although the difference between the two murderers is the inability of the disorganized felon to escape and avoid being caught. These individuals are usually arrested while committing the crime or shortly afterwards. On the other hand, the organized felon is categorized as above average with regard to intelligence. This is because they undertake crimes that are well thought out and planned carefully. The criminal mostly undertakes the crime away from their areas of residence or employment. The organized felon travels a long distance before identifying the place to commit the crime as compared to the disorganized felon. HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHCCK.SDKLHJSNFLNJKLkdldncmcmkdjfherpojfvv m, vbnnm]pkjkm,mjjhhucvkjmn HHNM,MLKNNBMMBUGYGoohjuoki[kjdxfcmhhjds Read More
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Criminology Research Paper

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