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Why do consumers purchase fair trade products Discuss - Essay Example

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In the recent years there has been an increase in awareness amongst the consumers in relation to every service and product which has influenced the consumer market to purchase more of fair trade products. The products that have the “Fair Trade” logo highlights that the…
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Why do consumers purchase fair trade products Discuss
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Download file to see previous pages The traditional theories of consumer behaviour were strongly related to the rational aspect of consumers whereas in the present scenario the consumers buy more of justice, intangibility and conscience. The issue of ethical consumerism has gained its importance in the recent times which clearly states that while making purchase decisions the factor of ethics is highly integrated by the consumers.
The concept of fair trade can be related to an organized social movement with a goal to help the producers located in developing countries to make the best practices of trading and even to encompass sustainability. The fair trade practices comprise of high environmental and social standards and even advocates a higher price payment to the exporters. It is a kind of trading partnership that is based majorly on transparency, respect and dialogues that secures more of equity in the practice of international trade (Ransom, 2006, pp. 94-95). The major benefit of such fair trade is that it tries to establish the best conditions for trading and even secures rights for those marginalized workers or producers. These fair trade practices usually demands for the support of the consumers in order to raise awareness, campaign for changes, and even support the producers so as to eliminate the loopholes that are in conventional trading. There are certain fair trade organizations such as FLO International, World Fair Trade organization, Network of European Worldshops, European Fair Trade Association that involves into various forms of ethical marketing programs and aims at selling fair trade products mainly through supermarket channel so as to create a real impact through large volumes of product sales. The fair trade products provide the opportunity to the customers to shop everyday and help to reduce the level of the poverty across the world and develop a bright future (White, Macdonnell and Ellard, 2012, pp. 103-118). The fair trade mark on the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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