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Analysis of Dulzara Poem by Sandra Cisneros - Essay Example

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The paper focuses on Dulzara poem which is a clear symbol of true love and passion between lovebirds who meet after a long time. They want to express their deep feelings for each other. This poem also shows that females are more sensitive as compared to men in showing their love …
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Analysis of Dulzara Poem by Sandra Cisneros
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Extract of sample "Analysis of Dulzara Poem by Sandra Cisneros"

Download file to see previous pages She wants to soothe him with her love and affection. She wants to sing the night song for him when they are together expressing her true affection for him.
The poem follows a natural and conversational style. In this poem, the writer is talking to her lover in a simple tone and asks him to show his emotions in her favorite language. The use of two different languages i.e. English and Spanish shows her wide range of ideas and thoughts incorporated into her words.
In the next few lines, the writer expresses her love for her lover. It is natural that boys express their love first followed by the girls. So the first lines inquired the lover to show his love, and now the female part of the couple is coming out of her shell to show her warmth of love. She desires him to stay in her heart forever. “Mouth of my Heart” is a beautiful phrase that emphasizes that staying in the heart is a broad term, and specifying the exact portion of heart carries a deep meaning. As mouth carries special significance for our body, hence “Mouth of my Heart” may be considered as the main portion of the heart that contains the imaginary tongue to express the feelings of love and affection.
In the next stanza, Sandra continues to show her love for her lover that she wants him to be encompassed in her hands forever. She doesn’t want to leave him at any cost. He carries great value in her eyes that’s why it is very difficult for her to leave him. She gives the resemblance of the meat of the wrist to the sweetness of the mango. She wears the gold ornaments and jewelry that dangles time and again from her ears and neck as she meets him.
In the last few lines, the writer demands her lover to call her name with love and affection. Her name should be called with true emotions and love. The way it deserves to be said means that the lover should call her with names like darling, cutie pie, dear etc.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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