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The novel the help by kathryn stockett - Essay Example

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The narrator of this novel is the third person; however, the novel exhibits three first person narrators, which include Aibeen Clark, Minny…
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The novel the help by kathryn stockett
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Download file to see previous pages The diverse views of the characters indicate the behaviour of the characters, which help us understand the character development in this novel. For the case of Skeeter, we see her change her priorities throughout the novel. For instance, at first, she aspires to become a journalist for a well-known paper; she began writing answers for a local magazine and later she is seen offering advice on cleaning and cooking among other house chores. The author makes Skeeter to appear different from other white women by exhibiting her bravely, which is admirable by the audience (Kathryn, 69). She comes out strong as a defender of the house help. She exposes all the bad life the maids undergo under the hands of her friends. This is true when we see her long-term relationship with Stuart ends. The character development of Skeeter can be well approached through a focus of her relationship with situations and other characters such as Constantine and her author Kathryn Stockett. One of the fundamental moves that shape Skeeter’s character development as the protagonist in the novel The Help is her decision to move away from the social helm held by the white women. This allowed her to shape her character as exemplary amongst the white dominated populace that lived discriminative of the black house cleaners. It is observable that her decision is not expectable in the setting of this novel. This implies that, she takes a bold step conscious of the outcome which includes discrimination by her friends, which is evident. It is satisfactory that, the Skeeter character revolves around her relationship with other characters and certain scenarios in the novel. In the thirteen chapters of the novel, Skeeter is seen as a character that seeks the truth, kind and committed to help the less advantaged in the society.
Constantine is a black woman hired to take care of Skeeter. Skeeter turns to develop very strong and close relationship with the woman. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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