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Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None - Essay Example

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Right before the murder occurs, one can tell who is about to die, as seen in the case of MacArthur, Rogers and Brent.
However, with five characters left, it is difficult to pick who could…
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Agatha Christies And Then There Were None
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Download file to see previous pages Lawrence Wargrave, being a judge, it seems is being alluded to here. The second verse says that “one got in Chancery”. Perhaps Judge Wargrave is not the one who dies but the one who commits the murder. Being a judge, “getting in to Chancery”, all imply the notions of the meting out of justice. Perhaps, it can be argued, that Wargrave feels he has the right to punish these people who are guilty of murder (in some way or another). His last name “Wargrave” is not a common name, and could also be Christie’s way of telling us that the man perceives himself to be a soldier of justice of some kind, going to war against those he believes to be wrong; digging their “graves”.
The immediate conclusion that one could spring to is that the next victim could be Philip Lombard. The use of “red herring” could signal in this case, to Lombard’s underestimation of Vera Claythorne. What he assumes her to be, and what she potentially could be, could lead to his possible demise; which leads us to another conclusion – that Claythorne could also be the murderer. This is not the only conclusion however. Whilst Claythorne could also be a murderer she might simply just be more resourceful than Lombard assumed her to be, and so saves herself from a sticky situation.
Apart from Wargrave, the only other individual who seems to be a potential candidate is Blore. He is a former policeman, and might have similar notions of delivering justice, as presumed in the case of Wargrave. He also takes charge often which could be his way of manipulating the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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