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One of the symbols used is the conch shell that was discovered by Piggy and Ralph on the sandy beach when the novel begins. This was used to summon the scattered boys together after the…
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Lord of the flies
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Extract of sample "Lord of the flies"

Symbols in Lord of the flies There are various symbols that are used in this novel that are used to portray various ideas. One of the symbols used is the conch shell that was discovered by Piggy and Ralph on the sandy beach when the novel begins. This was used to summon the scattered boys together after the accident. In this case, the shell is a symbol of civilization and a source of order. It is a crucial source of power and it is the boy who is in possession that has the right to command and speak to the others (Golding, 45). Over time, the shell loses its authority and when Ralph tries to blow it later in the novel he is stoned. Towards the end, the shell is crushed and this is used to show the lack of order. Piggy’s glasses are another important symbol in the story. Clearly, he is one of the most intelligent and rational boys in the novel. His glasses represent his intelligence and the important role that science plays in our lives. It is used to start the fire at the beginning of the novel that is meant to draw attention to them (Golding, 76). Later on, Jack’s group attacks Ralph’s group and they steal these glasses. This leaves the group fragile as they can no longer light a fire. The boys believe that there is a beast on the island. This imaginary beast shows the savage nature that is deep within all humans. Everybody is scared and the only person who realizes that the fear of the beast is within each of us and in reality it does not exist. As their level of animosity increase, so does their belief in the beast. Their behavior is what makes the beast a reality among them.
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Golding, William. Lord of the Flies. New York: Berkley, 2003. Print. Read More
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