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Compared to numerous rulers who were before him, he was not only controversial but also authoritative in all his actions or missions. However, he…
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Song of hummingbird
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Montezuma II For centuries, scholars have held perplexing information regarding this Mexican wise and tough emperor bythe name Montezuma II. Compared to numerous rulers who were before him, he was not only controversial but also authoritative in all his actions or missions. However, he eventually faced intense civil wars and unequaled challenges that prompted his leadership come to an end having ruled approximately 5 to 6 million people. Civil wars were just were just predicaments that came with the then emerging Spanish that were threat to his rule. He was the 9Th person among the Aztecs rulers to assume this position as montecuhzoma Xicoyotzin (“”). Presently, scholars refer this ancient ruler using numerous and varying names due to divergence in spellings, which include Montezuma and montecuhzoma (“”).
Born approximately around 1466, presently stands being among the most esteemed kings of that region before Spanish invading his region and rendered it into ruins in terms of influence he had. Some of the aspects scholars cite to have enabled this icon to be distinguishable was his wisdom and territory he managed to instill order. This is because of his controversial nature coupled with fine and critical judgeme4nts concerning the future though the emergency of Spanish was somehow tricky to him. However, his mode of aggregating power under him was extremely remarkable and uncommon during his time, which leaders of today and scholars remember him for. Contrary to numerous political icons, he was an industrious person an attribute that enabled him achieve much during his time. However, his demise was disgrace whereby up to date no one knows exactly what was its cause. Some contend it was his people because of having lost power of the empire whereas others cite it was the Spanish.
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