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The paper "Rumi In Forty Rules Of Love" describes what according to the book forty Rules of love, Rumi is characterized as a very peaceful person. The major reason for this characterization is the manner in which he relates with people prior to even meeting his friend…
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Rumi In Forty Rules Of Love
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Rumi In Forty Rules Of Love According to the book forty Rules of love, Rumi is characterized as a very peaceful person. The major reason for this characterization is the manner in which he relates with people prior to even meeting his friend. In many other areas, it would have been expected that the character would have had a different manner of life, and this is the fact that he had a very challenging childhood. However, rather than having this manner of living, he adopted a rather peaceful way of life where he associated well with his friends. As the book progresses, people get to understand the calm nature of this individual, and this is from the manner, he did not hold grudges against people that rather seemed to offend him. His peacefulness is one of the characteristics that have earned him a high reputation that he has enjoyed all through the centuries.
It is also important to understand the fact that Rumi is a very humble individual. The reason is that when a friend decided to sacrifice some of his most valued assets for Rumi to excel in the world of poetry, he did not agree to this. He rather asked his friend to continue running his life the way he did without worrying and this is even witnessed where he states that the most important asset that he, Rumi, had at the time was the friendship (Shafak 57). It is also imperative to understand that some of the other characteristic witnessed was his deep appreciation for friendship. It is essential to recognize that the ability for Rumi to maintain a close friendship that he had with Shams was not something that a person ought to take for granted. The reason is that, at the time, society was going through many issues, and it is only after people had gained close acquaintance would they maintain a deep and long friendship as they did.
Another character that the particular individual had is that he was very loving. Many people at a time and as witnessed from the book did not treat their women appropriately. However, this did not play with Rumi. Because this is from how we see that, he would take the time to get into deep conversations with his wife Kerra who was very loving to him and treated her in a manner that she deserved (Shafak 96). This is from the manner he would occasionally ask her whether she was going through any problems.
Another characteristic well observed in Rumi is the way that he respected God and had deep spiritual faith. Rumi was one very religious man and did not like interruption when he was going down his normal ritual. This faith is what kept him strong despite the various problems that he faced in the environment at the time. The spiritual faith was also vital in that it was passed onto his friends and family who happened to follow the teaching that Rumi followed. This was important in that it helped him develop further his religious faith and get to understand people and the environment even further.
Focusing further on the spiritual relationship between Rumi and Shams, one gets to understand the extent to which the former inspired the latter to renew his faith even at times that they saw as if their friendship would fail. The deep spiritual character in the story is also experienced from the manner in which they promise each other that they would be there for each other. There even at times that the other one had lost faith and that they would renew this faith and consequently lead a better life. Throughout his life, the one thing that Rumi wanted became a successful poet. As he went around his life carrying out his activities, he often required a boost in order to ensure that his life goals got achieved. It is from this that we often find that he had a character of persistence and dedication. These two are well expressed in the character throughout the book, and this is from the manner in which he does not give up hope but rather continues pursuing his goals sure he would achieve them. It is from this that one gets to understand that the character is very well endowed with the required attributes to perform well. Shams know this well enough that the author says Shams decided to dedicate his life to see to it that Rumi achieved his goals.
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Shafak, Elif. The Forty Rules of Love. Chicago: Chicago University Press, 2011. Print. Read More
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