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Hero - Essay Example

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This film falls under sci-fi, thriller, adventure, and action. This film was directed by Gavin Hood. This film describes the life of James and Victor Logan- who are half-brothers and mutants born 200 years…
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Extract of sample "Hero"

Download file to see previous pages Major Stryker approaches the two individuals and offers them to join his elite group of mutants, team X. After his first mission, James is not happy of the murders committed by his team-mates and he quits his commando job and falls in love with a local teacher, Kayla Silverfox. He works as a lumberjack and changes his name to Logan. After six years, Logan is approached to rejoin team X, but he declines the offer. In attempting to convince Logan, Stryker sends Victor. To seek Logan’s attention, Victor kills Kayla, and now Logan is seeking revenge. The protagonist in this film is James Logan. In the movie X-men origins: Wolverine, the vengeful and ferocious James Logan presents himself as a tragic hero. First, he was born of noble birth; he was the second son of a rich landowner. Furthermore, he lost his family in a tragic manner. Also, Logan made a poor choice by agreeing to work with Major Stryker. He was desperate to get better than Victor so that he can avenge Kayla’s death. The modification Logan had was definitely a flaw that led to his downfall. The end of this work brought about sympathy for Logan’s condition.
The literary work X-men origins: Wolverine screenplay was written by David Benioff and Skip Woods. The plot revolves around the beginning of Wolverine and his driving force of vengeance which leads him to do terrible things like altering his mutation to become stronger and indestructible via a government squad weapon agency (X-Men Origins: Wolverine Trailer). The hero is Logan also known initially as James and later on as Wolverine. The three things that Wolverine does are all driven by emotion due to the life stress that he has gone through. In the movie, Logan does three things all driven by his emotions. They include: killing Thomas Logan; joining a government commando group and after a mission quits it, seeking Victor for revenge of Kayla’s death and allows Stryker ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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.... Therefore, Hemingway fits the code hero because he lived a humble life that disguised his innermost abilities. Besides, he fits the code hero because of the performances he exhibited throughout the novella that include a relentless spirit, craftsmanship and autonomy, risk taking, recognition of when to accept defeat and to become a role model for the future generations. Santiago exhibits the code hero by living a decent life characterized by autonomous and artistic skills. Unlike other fishermen who incorporate the assistance of several workers and use motor boats, he prefers fishing alone and using his traditional skiff. Many people would expect an experienced fisherman of his status to use several hooking lines. Nonetheless, he...
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