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There were people busy collecting their tickets, going through security or completing other formalities related to their journey. There were others who were busy operating their phones and laptops…
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Download file to see previous pages In just one terminal airport, I felt that the entire world was being represented by one member of each country. There were people present from all races and cultures. This cultural diversity intrigued me. While I was busy appreciating this cultural diversity, I started noticing that there were a few people whispering in each other’s ears and looking at one specific person. When I turned, I assessed that an Arab man had been able to take the attention of many people present at the terminal. He has just entered and there were many fingers pointing towards him or there were people whispering about him. This sudden change stunned me.
The Arab seemed to be a normal man but following his entry, it seemed that the air in the terminal had become tense. The security had become more alert and I could see them pointing towards him. As he passed through security check, I noticed that a lot of people had actually lost attention in their own tasks and had started observing him. I was surprised by how a normal individual was being treated as an alien in a country that promotes equality and shuns discrimination. This was not the end. I further noticed that his security check was more intense that it had been for other people. The number of the security guards increased while he was being checked. His luggage was opened which was not done for most of the other passengers. After going through the agony of opening all the locks at the terminal, the poor man was finally free and he started moving towards the seats to wait. I assessed from his discomfort that he had also become aware of the uneasy stares that he was receiving at the terminal. He chose a spot and kept his hand carry and was about to sit when the person sitting immediately on the seat beside him stood up and walked away. He still sat there. After five to ten minutes, many people who were sitting close by had left their seats.
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