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These activities including reading novels, as reading novels is one of my passions I would like to take this time to read as many novels as I can ranging from crime,…
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Word Project
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What to do in the summer This summer I have a number of activities I would like to perform as a break from examinations and classes. These activities including reading novels, as reading novels is one of my passions I would like to take this time to read as many novels as I can ranging from crime, romance, educative, and fictional novels. This will augment my creativity and improve my communication and grammar skills. The other activity I will do this summer is volunteer my services to any community program including cleaning the environment or helping the needy due to the satisfaction that comes with taking on voluntary activities. I will also learn an instrument with the main preference being a piano as I have always wished to learn to play a piano or guitar.
I love volleyball and I will be joining a sports team this summer as one of the activities I will undertake this summer. Other activities I hope to undertake this summer is to take a new exercise and join gym during the preparations or practice sessions for volleyball games. After the day’s activities, when I will not be engrossed in a novel, I would like to watch some latest action movies to unwind and relax after a tough day. I would like to organize an activity with my friends and visit a rocky place, a mountain, or a tourist destination in the vicinity and camp for three days as a means of spending time together and learning from each other. This cannot be possible during class periods and this summer will be appropriate for my friends and me. Towards the end of summer, I would like to get hold of notes and papers on the fall’s classes as a means of organizing myself and familiarizing myself for the classes before hand to avoid frustration and save on time during the fall. Read More
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Word Project Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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