A&P by John Updike and James Joyce Araby - Essay Example

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The narrator in James Joyce’s Araby demonstrates an intelligent young man who looks at life innocently. Using the first person point of view, his manner of describing the places in the story shows hints of loneliness. …
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A&P by John Updike and James Joyce Araby
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"A&P by John Updike and James Joyce Araby"

Describing his environment that is full of memories of his childhood exposes how much he has hold on to his past. On the other hand, it is apparent that he grows up as a polite and well-mannered young man who respects his aunt and uncle who raised him. His huge crush on Mangan’s sister was the beginning of his loss of innocence as illustrated by the uneasiness and impatience he felt while waiting for his uncle to come home from work so he could go to Araby and buy her a present. While waiting, it was then that he began describing the events in the story differently putting emphasis on the unpleasant sights and sounds in his surroundings that comes along with his frustrations.
2. Sammy’s character in John Updike’s A&P demonstrates a rounded character as exhibited by the change in his personality from the beginning to the end of the story. Initially, while he narrates the events in the store where he works, he did not dare do anything that was unexpected of him so he satisfies himself by waiting for “Queenie,” the girl she admires, and her friends to come back to the store. However, in the end, he made a huge risk in his life by quitting his job to display disagreement to Lengel’s inappropriate treatment to the girls. Similarly, the young man in James Joyce’s Araby is an example of a rounded character who exhibited a major shift in his character. Both main characters were infatuated, which drove them to face challenge of adulthood, although realizing at the end that it is not at all that simple. The manner in which they expressed their affection to the girls they liked are different where the boy in Araby wanted to give the girl a concrete present, while Sammy in A&P an emotional support. Sammy’s frivolous attribute is illustrated in the manner he described all three girls based on their superficial features. On the other hand, the boy in Araby’s shows a little sensibility as his seems to be careful when describing the girl he was infatuated on, as well as in dealing with his uncle who came late that evening he was supposed to go to Araby. Read More
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A & P by John Updike
When looking at this story through a Marxist lens, one can see that there is the aspect of societal classification and the ethics of a society that is consumer conditioned. The Marxist Socialism school of though holds that those who earn a salary, also refereed to as the working class, are molded by the state they are in, that is, wage-slavery.
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James Joyce Araby
This can be identified through reading works of Joyce. James Joyce was an Irish who was born in Dublin, Ireland on February 2, 1882. His publication by the name of ‘Portrait of the Artist’ gained him fame in the year 1916. He became a literary celebrity after he perfected his stream of- consciousness with Ulysses.
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Story: A & P by John Updike
He, hungry for opportunity, declares aloud to quit his job in order to be heard by the girls. But in contrast to his expectations, they do not stop and “watch….their unsuspected hero” (Updike). His limited experience fails him to perceive the reality that lies beyond romantic appearance of the world.
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On A&P by John Updike
Merging past and present events in a fast but insightful informal language, Sammy narrates how three young girls entered the A&P supermarket to buy what they need. The story is narrated in a colloquial way that depicts a short but meaningful exchange with a “beautiful but inaccessible girl” (Kirszner & Mandell 46) from a higher socioeconomic class.
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A&P by John Updike
The beginning of the story is very uncharismatic and does little to catch the attention of the reader, but it does enough to arouse some kind of suspicion in the mind of the reader - a suspicion of whether this actually is the real beginning of a story. Updikes manages to create a confusion and a curiosity in his readers by not revealing the true setting of the story and by giving details and facts related to the story in bits and pieces.
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Essay on A&P and Araby
John Updike portrays Sammy, the narrator of "A & P", as a nineteen-year-old cashier at the local A & P in a coastal town near Boston. Sammy, thru the use of daring means, fruitlessly attempts to win the attention of a beautiful girl.
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John Updike's A&P and James Joyce's Araby
Point of view makes a large contribution to the overall meaning in John Updike's "A&P" and James Joyce's "Araby." Both stories deal with a moment in childhood that changes the way the narrator sees the world. In the case of "A&P," a 19 year old male quits his job to defend the honor of a girl he does not even know.
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John Updike A&P
Sammy within this story is one such character who is stuck in the somewhat precarious situation that engulfs literally every child or mature like when the transition has to be taken along the way of childhood
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Through their romantic stories, the authors reveal how one grows into maturity, into harder realities in life. A comparison of “Araby” and “A &
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Araby By James Joyce
The people in the story seem to have a very religious nature. Most of the people in the story follow the rules stipulated by the religion that they follow. The relationship between the people in the story is founded on the religious principles and practices that they follow. They are, however, still seen to engage in immoral behavior.
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