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The golden party- Kathrine mansfield and Veblen - Thesis Example

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Two major classes that experience contrasting lives are the upper class and Low class. The short story “the garden party by Katherine…
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The golden party- Kathrine mansfield and Veblen
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Extract of sample "The golden party- Kathrine mansfield and Veblen"

Download file to see previous pages On the other hand, the theory of the leisure class by Veblen explains the various situations that result from creations of social classes. A comparison of the two pieces of literature sheds more light on the existence of social classes in the society.
In his theory Veblen observed that in most communities, people who own huge amount of property are deemed to be more popular and successful in the society. This perception prompts a lot of people to use any means to acquire property that may be perceived as wealth since the poor are looked down upon (Veblen, 24). However, acquisition of wealth is not enough to enable one to be regarded highly in the community. It is therefore necessary for the wealthy in the community do display their wealth. In this case the display of wealth is mainly exhibited through leisure activities. Hence the rich people in the society have to distinguish themselves from the not so wealthy people by living contrary to the poor people who live in “vulgar surroundings” (Veblen, 29).In this case, vulgar surrounding involved inexpensive lifestyles hence the wealthy have to be different from the poor and live lavishly even if it meant wastage. Veblen’s theory could be well represented in the story the garden party by Katherine Mansfield. The short story is a fictional account of a wealthy family that was preparing to hold a party in an upper class environment. In the party, Mrs. Sheridan delegates the duties of organizing the party to her daughters and the employees. However, despite one of her daughters Laura having budgeted for the party, Mrs. Sheridan could not resist to Pass by a shop and buy flowers that were not needed at the party (Mansfield, 66).This made Laura to realize a lot of extravagance in the party .On the other hand, before the party commenced their neighbor from a low class society passed away. Laura tried to convince her sister Jose and her mother to stop the party after their neighbor passed away ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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