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Video games - Essay Example

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The rapid technological advancements fronted by the invention of the internet and computers in the 21st century has completely altered and extensively revolutionized child play thereby signaling a significant paradigm shift from the conventional physical pastime activities to…
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Video games
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Extract of sample "Video games"

Download file to see previous pages Video games are the most prevalent form of entertainment among children as many of them spent most of their free time in front of computers and large screens indulging in these games for hours on end without even a break (Price). The widespread coverage of the internet and personal computers all over the world in the modern day information technology age enables children to easily access, play and even share video games with their peers in other places through the online gaming cyber space. The pervasiveness of video games and video gaming as the preferred form of entertainment for children and young adults all over the world has been a major cause of concern over the possible impacts of this phenomenon on the behavior of children in the long term; precisely, the perceived adverse effects of video games on the behavior of children have raised numerous concerns over this novel invention of the present day century.
Sociological studies have been concerned with the effects of media violence on behavior from the 1950s onwards and a particular focus of these studies has been on video games since the 1980s given the ubiquity of this phenomenon among the American children, especially boys (Carey, 2013). The debate regarding the impact of video gaming on children has been highly polarized with two antagonistic arguments dominating the discourse; one school of thought holds that video gaming does not result to any significant effects on the behavior of participants. Contrariwise, the opposing school of thought refutes this perspective by insisting that video games often result to significant effects on the behavior of participants; this perspective draws evidence from a vast body of research from empirical studies conducted by developmental and social psychologists on the effects of video games on behavior. This essay will contribute to the ongoing debate by examining ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Video games

...of the populations. That is, number of video games that has been recently released promote exercises, strengthens the academic side of the young people and also aids in giving optimum training to the employees in various organizations. Thus, the long established negative views of Video games are undergoing chances. However, still more needs to done to positively tap the video games. So, this paper will critically evaluate the claim that videogames can now be used for exercise, education, and training for many types of jobs, and so the people who blame violence and lack of real social contact on videogames are simply part of an older...
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...Columbine High School massacre. Though many motivations were likely involved, it is not reasonable to identify precisely what motivated these teenagers to shoot their schoolmates and teachers but violent video games were mentioned as a contributing reason. With enhanced realism and the increasing tendency towards greater amounts of graphic aggression in games, people who play violent video games should be educated to the possible consequences. When video games first appeared around 35 years ago, they were simple and seemingly harmless. Atari introduced Pong during the 1970’s, a video...
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... of current era are getting more opportunities to spend their free time. The arrivals of computer, internet, television and mobile phones have brought immense opportunities to them. These channels or media offer many opportunities to play video games. It should be noted that playing some kind of games in the ground require some physical effort. On the other hand, not much physical effort is needed for playing videogames. That is why lazy modern generation is running after videogames. Two features of video games fuel renewed interest by researchers, public policy makers, and the general public. First, the active role required by video games is a double-edged sword. It helps educational video games be excellent teaching tools for motivational...
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Video Games

... provider of ads for Xbox Live and MSN games and even all Microsoft platforms (Microsoft to Acquire 6). Threats. It is irrefutable that video games have long been criticized for their promotion of violence. This is an underlying threat to in-game advertisers as they are fully dependent on the public acceptance of this entertainment. Massive also faces the threat of legal issues which can arise from the use of copyrighted materials in video games (Christ and Viscounty 1). Works Cited Christ, Roxanne & Perry Viscounty. "Burgening in-game ad market raises interesting legal issues," Adweek: Vol 47, Issue 31, pp.1 "Video Games: Gaming Begins to Prove its Worth as an Effective Medium." Marketing Week: London, May 4, 2006, pp.41...
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..., sexual themes, and graphic violence. Under U.S. law video games containing profanity, criminal behavior, drug use, sexual themes, and graphic violence are marked under the game rating label as MA, along with a V for violence and other appropriate warning labels. Specific games, like Grand Theft Auto, Doom, EverQuest, Need for Speed, and other popular titles promote the adverse behavior mentioned above. All of these titles are rated MA. Despite the mature rating children, teenagers, and adults make these titles best sellers. This can lead to the conclusion that video games including profanity, criminal behavior, drug use, sexual...
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Video games

...reason beat up civilians and steal cars (Bartel, 2012). Another attribute of most of these games is the underlying gender stereotyping, in GTA most of the women are prostitutes while the drug lords are archetypically well dressed and brave men. This reflects the negative perception of women that children are likely to sublimely develop form such games, NFS women have been represent fairly well on the blacklist although the top rival is a man. However like most video games the main character is male, in fact since the inception of both NFS and GTA there has never been an option of a female player and therefore all those playing the game have to assume a...
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Video games

... to take failures into stride. Instead of going to sleep during daytime, it is better to play some inspiring video games that boost the energy level as they enliven the spirits of the player. The thinking capacity of the mind sharpens as you think of moves and counter moves. One also develops a challenging trait which enables an individual to face difficulties with courage in real-life situations. With the theory/practical knowledge available through the internet, an individual gets the knowledge of different types of games from many countries. To play a game, an individual need not leave the place of residence, and waste time and money on conveyance and relax in the homely atmosphere and adjust the playing time according...
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Video games

... that by allowing more room for more moral independent decision-making and by effectively incorporating the element of social reward, it is possible to utilize video games to enable children to make moral decisions in various contexts and also to make them aware about the implications of both moral and immoral decisions. The first point this work will address is the fact that video games are considerably different from other art forms in the fact that it is highly interactive. The second main point to be elaborated is the role of social reward, social conformity, and social learning in making decisions in the real society. The last point will elaborate on how to incorporate these elements in video games in order to make children aware about...
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Video games

... individuals to test various clothing mixes on visual characteristics and this helps users in identifying what mix of clothes look good. Video games such as dating games allow users to identify behaviors that may attract another individual or may turn them off. This enables individuals in identifying behaviors that are socially acceptable. There are various differences in the games that target children and those that target adults. According to Balter children belonging to classes between 4th and 8th grade prefer playing video games that are more violent in nature and these games mostly include characters that are mythical in nature or contain plots based on human based violence (Balter, 2000). On the other hand adults play video games...
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Video games

... common some years back. Initially, there was a common stereotype that as compared to women, men had dominated in the consumption of video games. Today, the number of women who play these games is almost equal to that of men. As time goes by, video games continue to evolve and advance hence attracting the interest of the media. Since many people have been attracted to this form of entertainment, the term ‘gamer’ is commonly being used by the media to refer to people who play video games. Media has played a significant role in shaping public perception on video games. Media has contributed to popularizing video games to a large extent because almost everyone is talking about the new games in the market. Prominence received by games...
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