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Driving under the influence or (DUI) is a criminal offense in which one is found to drive a car/vehicle with a blood alcohol level that is above the permitted threshold BAC. The DUI regulations are sometimes extended to cover operating some types of machines under the influence…
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DUI class
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Driving Under Influence and Car Safety. Driving under the influence or (DUI) is a criminal offense in which one is found to drive a car/vehicle with a blood alcohol level that is above the permitted threshold BAC. The DUI regulations are sometimes extended to cover operating some types of machines under the influence of substances such alcohol and drugs. In many countries this is a crime and conviction may not necessarily entail the actual driving. DUI can result in either felony or misdemeanor crimes; a misdemeanor is where the charges involve no injury to other people or damage to properties. The maximum jail term for this is six months. Felony is where driving while intoxicated leads to injuries one can be given a penalty which may include up to three years of imprisonment.
In California it is against the law to drive while intoxicated or having alcohol or any other drugs that compromise thinking and judgment. Section 23152 of the California Vehicle Code (CVC) prohibits any person having 0.08% or more alcohol in the blood system from driving a vehicle. For the District Attorney to successfully convict a suspect he/she is burdened to prove that the person had 0.08% plus BAC and was driving. When arrested for DUI one can demand a hearing with the DMV in ten days after receiving a suspension or order revoking his driving license. If it is found there was no basis then the revocation is set aside and the suspected is notified in writing by DMV. On suspicion of DUI the law requires that the officer immediately forwards duly completed revocation or suspension notice together the driver’s license if confisticated and a sworn file to the Department of Motor vehicles. DMV will review the filed report, the order of suspension or revocation as well as results of the test and if upheld then you may contest by requesting to be heard.
The brain of a human is contains three main parts; the forebrain encompasses cerebrum, thalamus and hypothalamus parts. Midbrain has tectum and tegmentum parts while cerebellum, medulla and pons form the hindbrain or brainstem. Cerebellum regulates and coordinates locomotion, balancing and posture. Limbic system which consists of a amygdala, hippocampus, hypothalamus and thalamus is associated with emotions while brain stem or hindbrain controls vital functions of life including the heartbeat, ventilation, and the pressure of blood in our vessels. The brain is therefore a very vital nervous organ controlling many nerves.
The seat belt is an important aspect of car safety; it holds a passenger in position such that this passenger is nearly forming part of the car and it stops him/her from flying in case the car abruptly comes to a halt or collides. The car decelerates if it stops abruptly due to a collision and according to the law of inertia the passenger will continue at the same speed in the same direction. Without the seat belt the person will be stopped by windscreen and this is dangerous. The seat belt is therefore crucial to the passenger’s safety as it holds them back stopping them from flying. The opposite is true if the passenger does not put on the seat belt while the car is in motion. The difference therefore is that without a seat belt on then the passenger is at high risk in the event something happens which brings the moving vehicle to a sudden halt whereas with the seat belt on the passenger is like part and parcel of the car thus will stop with the car. It is therefore important and the responsibility of the passenger to ensure safety by putting on the seat belt.
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