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Chinas struggle for environment protection and related issues: How to deal with reduction of arable land and shortage of water - Essay Example

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Besides, encroachment on woodlands (forests) and marshy areas, desertification, and high population results in the lack of water. To be specific, human presence is evident in…
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Chinas struggle for environment protection and related issues: How to deal with reduction of arable land and shortage of water
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Extract of sample "Chinas struggle for environment protection and related issues: How to deal with reduction of arable land and shortage of water"

Download file to see previous pages Thesis statement: The environmental problems faced by China proves that decrease of farm lands, scarcity of water, rapid industrialization/ urbanization and unrestricted utilization or natural resources are the reasons, but this can be overcome by implementing strict measures related to environmental protection.
First of all, the impact of rapid industrialization/ urbanization is evident in the Chinese society. Jianbo Ma makes clear that, “According to a national survey by the MLR, China’s arable land decreased by 120 million mu (i.e., 8 million hectares), or 6 percent of China’s total arable land area, between 1996 and 2005” (34). More industrial areas are emerging and the adjacent areas are transformed into urban areas. Besides, this rapid development attracts skilled laborers from villages and adjacent areas to urban areas. One can see that industrialization/ urbanization led China towards development. On the other side, the aim to attain rapid industrialization/ urbanization forced the government to cover up the after effects.
When desirable development is attained in China, the authorities came to realize that they made use of farm lands for development purpose. Besides, the government provided ample importance to the development of industrial areas and rapid urbanization without planning. On the other side, rural China was neglected by the Chinese government. In the modern world, world nations cannot neglect the scope of industrialization. But lack of planning can result in drastic effects related to rapid industrialization. One can see that industrialization helped China to be in the forefront of development. But more farm lands were utilized to form industrial areas and production of food crops was totally neglected.
Earlier, the Chinese society provided less importance to industrialization because the civil society was able to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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