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In an article published by James Gleick in the New York Times in 1996, there is the issue of privacy being addressed by the author. He is keen on bringing out the fundamental truth…
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Summery 2
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Big Brother Is Us Times are changing, and this might bring forth a change in ideals and a people’s way of life. In an article published by James Gleick in the New York Times in 1996, there is the issue of privacy being addressed by the author. He is keen on bringing out the fundamental truth that surrounds most Americans with their way of life, and how they survive in an age of advancing technology. Gleick brings out the issue that has had countless individuals wondering the period which technology might lead to the downfall of man. Presently, one can see the time taken to get to where people are. The intricate nature by which most people try to protect their privacy from the outside world may be astonishing, but it is not something that is new. This paper will examine the issues presented by the article, and find out how people can use this information to their benefit.
The article cites that the end of this generation might mark a period of transition. This transition is one that requires information in order to survive, and for people to immediately recognize the need to have some privacy. People favor privacy, and there is now a way in which technology can assist one in attaining this freedom. The internet can provide the safety net that most people wish for when it comes to their private lives. However, people are not using these avenues to protect their lives. There is the presence of data encryption software that may allow people to live their lives as they see fit, and it is only through asking that one may be able to look into someone else’s life.
However, as the article goes on to suggest, individuals are now trying to get the best out of the technological advancement period by exchanging information in order to get information. The lives of any individual who is worth news can be easily accessed, and their lives made public. This is what the change in times is also bringing forth. People are now exchanging their ideals for a less subtle way of life, which implies that prying has become a way of life for most people. This has become a way of life for the American people. Everybody is now linked through the mere touch of a button as this is quickly becoming a wired world.
In conclusion, privacy is an important aspect of any society. Privacy was not something that people were familiar with, and that the evolution of time has brought some kind of peace to some people. Now, one can only see what another chooses to show the public. However, it is high time people stop lowering their standards to some of the crucial aspects in their private lives just to get by in the world. Sharing and acquiring information is only right if the person being looked into allows it. Anything other than that might just border on criminal or malevolent acts, which not many people, famous or not, are willing to allow in their lives. This should not be the way and manner in which people live their lives. Manner and candor should be a way of life, and it is high time people realize that.
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Gleick, James. “Big Brother Is Us”. The New York Times, 29 Sept. 1996. Print. Read More
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Summery 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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