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The apostrophe is a punctuation mark in English grammar that is used to show that something or a person belongs to someone or something (Grammar Girl, 414). It is, also, used to mark omissions in some words in written English language. An apostrophe is a very important…
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On the assignment sheet
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Apostrophe The apostrophe is a punctuation mark in English grammar that is used to show that something or a person belongs to someone or something (Grammar Girl, 414). It is, also, used to mark omissions in some words in written English language. An apostrophe is a very important punctuation mark because its omission or inclusion can change the meaning of a sentence or word completely. In this paper, we review the omission of the apostrophe in the names of companies if when it seems the names should have a possessive form.
In episode 414 of Grammar Girls, the omission of an apostrophe is the main topic. Grammar Girl outlines a number of reasons to explain why most companies will not include an apostrophe in the names. First, the companies omit an apostrophe in their names because the inclusion of an apostrophe does not favor the creation of a good IP address. It has been shown that names with apostrophes drive less traffic to the site because they rank low in search. This is because most users will forget to include apostrophe when searching. It is important to note that many people are more relaxed on the use of an apostrophe in spoken language
Second, many companies omit apostrophes in their names because the center for domestic name registration does not favor it (Grammar Girl, 414). Therefore, this organization advises many companies to omit the apostrophe in their names. They believe that the inclusion of an apostrophe makes the name too personal, which is not good for public properties. Consequently, the inclusion or omission of apostrophe depends on the kind of audience that one is targeting.
The narrator in this episode of Grammar Girl uses historical and real examples to convince her audience. She refers to real life examples to show the application of apostrophe in real life. The dilemma that involves including or omitting an apostrophe is explained vividly the narrator.
In conclusion, the use of apostrophe in company names is not common because, in most cases, it makes the business too personal. It is, also, true that the use of apostrophe is more strict written English than in spoken English. The use of apostrophe in business names depends on personal preference.

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