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How Americas youth is being negativley influenced and brainwashed by modern media (television,radio - Research Paper Example

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With the number of negative impacts outnumbering the positive impact the influence of modern media has raised several concerns among the educators,…
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How Americas youth is being negativley influenced and brainwashed by modern media (television,radio
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Extract of sample "How Americas youth is being negativley influenced and brainwashed by modern media (television,radio"

Download file to see previous pages The globalization of media around the world has presented a lot of opportunities for young people and to assimilate a lot of information about things that is happening both within their community as well as the world over. The modern media is playing a huge role in shaping the personality of young people. However, the quality of programs has declined sharply over the years as today’s media depicts increased violent and sexual content which is being considered to have harmful effects on the minds of growing children (Gigli). The increasing access to satellite television and the internet to young children have raised serious concerns among parents, physicians and educators as media has taken up their role in shaping the mind and body of the growing youth. Media is now increasingly playing the role of educators and have become primary sources of information to youth. A recent survey in the US revealed that on an average youth spend about 8 hours using various forms of media including the television, internet, movies, radio, video games and cell phones. Among these interactive media video games and the internet could have both positive and negative impacts on youth. Viewing programs with violent and sexual content can have damaging consequences on their minds and profoundly impact their personality. Children engaging in virtual video games with violent content could have more serious consequences compared to that of passive media watching (Impact of Media and Technology on Youth).
Physicians have also raised concerns about the profound negative impact of modern media on today’s youth. There is concrete evidence which supports a relationship between watching violence in media and increasing violent behavior among children and youth. Apart from which physicians are also concerned about another disturbing issue of childhood obesity and have attributed ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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How Americas Youth Is Being Negativley Influenced and Brainwashed by Research Paper.
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