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They wrongly consider drug abuse and addiction as a social issue, and claim that those who abuse drugs are immoral. They believe that drug users can quit…
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"The Cause of Drug Abuse"

Download file to see previous pages Additionally, it is possible to treat drug addiction and enable people to go back to their normal lives.
Drug addiction can be considered as a chronic disease that causes obsessive behavior in spite of the negative consequences to the individual and those around them. It leads to changes in the structure and functioning of the brain (Allen 67). Many individuals indulge in drug abuse voluntarily at first, and lose self control overtime, thus negatively influencing their lifestyle. Some root causes of drug abuse include curiosity, exposure to drug addiction from media and friends, genetic predisposition to addiction, lack of self-esteem and depression.
According to a famous saying, “curiosity killed the cat.” This is true in the case of drug abuse (Lowinson 48). People addicted to drugs are curious about its effect on them. They think that drugs can be so much fun. With it, they can be someone else because they can do things they cannot do when they are not under the influence of drugs.
The media serves as one of the most influential factors to the way people behave nowadays. According to Castillo (48), the media portrays drug abuse as similar to being cool. For instance, pop artists who have the most number of fans are those who look or were reported to be drug users (e.g., Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, etc. Conversely, there are a few people who can serve as role models in the contemporary society.
Peer pressure is also among the leading causes of drug abuse in the contemporary society (Lowinson 48). This is especially true for young people who use drugs to feel cool, fit in a certain group and impress their friends. For example, if one’s friends smoke marijuana or engage in alcoholism, there is a big chance that the person will take part in similar behavior just to be accepted. Peer pressure is the urge to do what one’s friends are doing is very common among teenagers who are desperate to impress their friends and be accepted in a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Drug abuse
They are usually harmful to our heart, brain, central nervous system, the body as a whole and other vital organs. Most individuals abuse drugs to aid them in dealing with problems or be taken away from the actual situation that they are encountering. However, the victims rarely think of the short term and longer effects of abuse of drugs to their own bodies. This paper will argue out on abuse of substance while agree to why abuse of substance is dangerous.
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An associative relationship between drug abuse and child abuse
Several calls, letters, and visits will be made to these centers to procure the assistance of the administration. Questionnaires would be administered to approximately 50 of those who comply. The questions will ascertain how often abuse of the child occurred subsequent to the use of drugs and whether these instances were prone to change with changes in amount and type of drug used.
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For some drugs the terms are virtually synonymous. Persons who abuse narcotics are sometimes introduced to them through medical channels, as many narcotics serve legitimate medicinal purpose (Oakley and Charles 2005). Primarily analgesics, cough suppressants and antidiarrheals, they include morphine, codeine and analgesics selling under the trade names Dilaudid, Percodan, Percoset and Darvon, among others, and are usually administered orally.
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Crystal meth, a drug that is very powerful and highly addictive is currently a major cause for concern around the world because of the availability and low costs involved in producing it. The writer has found one article to demonstrate the fact that professionals do see this highly volatile substance as being responsible for crime.
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Drug and Alcohol Abuse
These investigations can provide preliminary evidence on the probable importance of genetic factors and serve as the foundation for subsequent research. People over the age of 18 who have at least one biological parent with severe and repetitive life problems with alcohol are referred to as adult children of alcoholics.
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Drug Abuse / Drug Addiction
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Drug Abuse
According to the report the WHO asserts that drug abuse is a pandemic in the contemporary society. Drug abuse relates to an intense desire to obtain increasing amounts of a particular prohibited substance in the body system. Drug abuse destroys the individual lives of the victims as well as those who surround them.
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