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“Books are your best friend.” This is a conventional line which we have been listening right from the beginning of our childhood from our parents and teachers. I never believed this cliché statement but now my views are change.
Books are cool and they are ESSENTIAL. I’m…
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An Object (or Discovery) that the world could not live without
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An Object (or Discovery) that the world could not live without “Books are your best friend.” This is a conventional linewhich we have been listening right from the beginning of our childhood from our parents and teachers. I never believed this cliché statement but now my views are change.
Books are cool and they are ESSENTIAL. I’m not saying it just because I’m myself a bookworm, bookish, book addict or whatever you call but books are rationally very important. Right from the beginning of human history till this day books are regarded as the hallmark of civilized culture. I’m not talking about a particular book rather this whole invention of a book.
Books have got a label of “NEED” in today’s world. No matter whom you are and what you are studying every single industry needs literate and civilized employees who need books to get that position. Whether you are an accountant, doctor, engineer, architecture, artist, painter, related to any media industry or belong to any other profession you need books to get to that level.
We are living in the world of units and scientific gadgetry. This technology has increased the use of books. Now the use of E-books is so common that every single person is dependent on it. Nobody can deny that (Chapman, 45).
Books have come to live in our lives. We all are dependent on books. Although it’s sort of a unit we barely think about its advantages but how ironic it is that these books are included in our every phase of life. From the beginning of our childhood in schools then in colleges or universities and later in our adulthood they keep us busy from worldly chaos.
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Chapman, Gaby. Let Them Have Books: A Formula for Universal Reading Proficiency. iUniverse, 2010. Read More
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